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The leftmost trees on the horizon of the picture seem to form the name "MArK." Could be coincidental, but keep in mind this is the same Ron Spencer who hid the name "MIKE" on Goblin Grenade.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/1/2010 4:54:03 PM)


Yeah, I could have sworn these things cost 2G... Hmmm...
Posted By: Radagast (12/21/2010 6:25:59 PM)


Did anyone notice that the casting cost on the card is 3G while the Oracle says 2G?
Posted By: achilleselbow (5/5/2010 2:39:01 PM)


Errata win.
Before errata this card costs 4. Now it cost three.
(No, really, check.)
Posted By: Zoah (2/13/2012 5:44:59 PM)


Nice art and interesting execution, but a tad weak. A nice addition to a wolf themed deck, but even then there's better cards that could take its place.

And if regular wolves are 2/2's, a dire wolf should at least be a 3/3, like watchwolf.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (12/3/2011 7:24:31 AM)


Dire Wolves, Grizzly Bears,Llanowar Elves and Savannah Lions Magic has a history of naming cards in groups of animals. It is kind of disappointing because if Grizzly Bears is 2 bears then that mean 1 grizzly is actually a 1/1 creature? we have seen humans being 1/1 so that means a grizzly, dire wolf, and a human all have the same power and toughness? Now under the new names we see that the creature is singular and its power in toughness is referring to a single creature.
Posted By: vantha (2/1/2013 1:13:18 PM)


I also noticed that the copy I own costs 2g as well
Posted By: Kryptnyt (5/17/2010 7:00:21 AM)


It is weird, but the actual cost of this card is not 3G, but 2G. This happened to Fylgja too, but it was already fixed. I hope they correct this one too. Anyway 2G fos this card is already too much. I agree with the previous comment that said the problem with banding is that most of the creatures with it were overcosted.
Posted By: madm3001 (6/3/2011 1:20:54 PM)


That's the problem with banding, it was almost allways overpriced.
Now, if these wolves cost 2 mana, THEN they would be playable. If it was straight banding, even better.
Hmm, let me think...
Dire Wolves GW
Summon Wolves

Now That would be a card worth playing!
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/11/2010 10:39:05 AM)


nah, the trees say nark, its a cross between nah and hark oh no an angel sings
Posted By: qaq456 (12/18/2010 7:31:05 PM)