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@PhilJol: However, "play", which IS still used in the rules and why it's used in the M10/M11 wording, refers to "casting a spell or playing a land during the Main Phase special action". I'm also no rules expert, but it seems that under these definitions if something with suspend resolves, that's your spell for the turn.
Posted By: djbon2112 (2/5/2011 1:20:03 PM)


Would Arcane Laboratory conflict with cards with Suspend? Like having two cards with one time counter on them, would 'playing' both of them conflict with only being able to play one spell per turn?
Posted By: SeiferKnight (10/18/2010 2:33:49 PM)


Krosan grip stops your lock
Posted By: Tommy9898 (5/20/2010 6:51:33 PM)


Combine this with Isochron Scepter and Counterspell. Complete lockdown.
Posted By: redwinedrummer (1/16/2010 10:34:44 PM)


Erayo's Essence
Posted By: littlebeast (12/1/2009 8:54:28 PM)


Not quite a complete lock, you need Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir for a true hard lock.
Posted By: MTGFreak (2/22/2010 6:21:54 PM)


Arcane Laboratory is much better for blue than Rule of Law is for white because blue specializes in instants, thus offering more of an opportunity to play one spell during both your turn and your opponent's. You'll also very often be countering your opponent's one spell during his or her turn, and then he or she won't be able to cast any more.
Posted By: iandustrial (11/16/2009 10:47:03 PM)


@SeiferKnight: A better place ask would be the rules forum, but here is my taken on it:

The word "play" has been updated to "cast". Suspend's first ability (Suspend has three parts, the original cost, the upkeep and counter removal, and the actual playing of the spell), after looking at the rules, doesn't use the stack. So I don't believe that would be considered "casting".

However, the third part reads "When the last time counter is removed from this card, if it’s exiled, play it without paying its mana cost if able. If you can’t, it remains exiled. If you cast a creature spell this way, it gains haste until you lose control of the spell or the permanent it becomes.” I take this to mean that, if the effect successfully happens, you just played the spell.

For reference, "cast" means "To take a spell from where it is (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect." With the third ability of suspend, you are tak... (see all)
Posted By: PhilJol (2/8/2011 5:50:50 PM)


Combine this card with howling mine, temple bell & co. and add forbid = Tada, you dominate the Board and you opponents can't do squat :D
Posted By: Buderus (2/9/2011 12:48:43 PM)


It may be one more and not in normal control colors but I like Curse of Exhaustion for this purpose better.
Posted By: TheArchive (4/28/2012 11:21:45 PM)


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