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Cool artwork, very useful.
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (2/18/2010 12:36:44 PM)


This is an extremely narrow effect, considering this is the same set that contained Thermokarst and Venomous Breath. I suppose its purpose was to bait a Giant Growth or other combat trick on defense, but it should really have been much cheaper for this effect. The cantrip is nice, though. I do love how the flavor text dismisses the effect, too. That's like having Gerrard get his own card, and as the flavor text:

"Gerrard sucks."
- Greven il-Vec
Posted By: Equinox523 (4/29/2013 11:10:17 AM)


Magic needs more abstract, evocative art.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (4/17/2012 2:16:46 PM)


i have always like this artwork
Posted By: jumpingjacked (10/13/2009 11:52:09 AM)


i have always been indifferent to this artwork
Posted By: DlCK (6/19/2011 11:54:23 PM)


i have always hated this artwork
Posted By: gasimakos1 (7/30/2009 9:54:37 PM)


So this is basically a Regenerate with an untap and a card draw. Am I seeing this correctly?
Posted By: Speednat (4/21/2012 4:19:41 PM)


@Equinox: lol. Reminds me of the flavor text from Wordmail.

Suck on it, Stangg!
Posted By: Gandlodder (8/3/2013 7:32:21 PM)


@Equinox523: I think the flavour is meant more as a dismissal of superstition. Foxfire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxfire) is a real phenomenon. It's the bioluminescence of fungi that live in wood. This could easily lead to superstition among the uneducated around it, and thus learned people, such as this Archmage, would attempt to dismiss it, since foxfire is entirely harmless, and potentially useful.
Posted By: Tiggurix (9/20/2013 11:03:41 AM)


while not that good it has some versatility for 2G you can ruin an enemy's Giant Growth-hyped finisher or save your best guy from an attack phase that didn't pan out so well, while gaining a small card advantage. I could see its uses in certain situations, but in most modern decks would clog up your hand.
Posted By: Jeramiah (12/1/2013 1:09:03 PM)


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