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In theory can be very good at shutting down or at least slowing down a token deck. Of course most good token decks are going to have solutions for cards like this one.

Also it can be pretty effective against red with some of its lopsided power heavy, toughness lacking creatures.
Posted By: Silverware (11/29/2009 12:34:25 PM)


To brunsbr103 and Jinx585: These are smart caltrops.
Sadly, (because this makes no sense) I'm putting this card into my anti-flying deck. It's a deck that gives my opponent's creatures flying so my creatures can pick them off by shooting arrows and throwing rocks at them. This card (along with a few deathtouch spiders) is supposed to deter my opponents from attacking me with their pseudo-flyers.
Posted By: Beekhead (3/26/2010 3:41:58 AM)


Posted By: divine_exodus (1/9/2011 10:08:47 AM)


I like to make a deck of Prodigal Sorcerer, Razorfin Hunter, Root.w.a.t.er Hunter, Samite Archer, and Prodigal Pyromancer hiding behind a a couple of these and a Lightmine Field
Posted By: JoshGuessed (8/2/2010 3:04:24 PM)


@Vampirechuld85: you are. cowardice requires it to be targeted. This does not. That would be hilarious though. Maybe cowardice and prodigal sorcerer? either way, harsh to play against.
Posted By: jsttu (4/4/2011 12:43:56 PM)


No mention of Godhead of Awe or Humility?
Posted By: Robface (4/24/2011 12:30:25 PM)


Yeah, maybe they launch up into the air and smack flying creatures in the face
Posted By: brunsbr103 (3/13/2010 7:57:39 AM)


@Beekhead: Try using Raking Canopy instead
Posted By: klauth (8/16/2010 11:07:24 AM)


I like this card because it kills faeries, and I hate faeries... Flying creatures must have magnets on them or something
Posted By: Jinx585 (1/24/2010 1:19:52 PM)


I could be wrong, but this card together with Cowardice should cause any creature attacking to be bounced back to thier owner's hand.
Posted By: VampireChild85 (11/27/2010 8:56:22 PM)


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