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The answer to the question is Desertion's flavor text.
Posted By: http404error (5/13/2012 10:18:43 PM)


I'm digging the awesome counterspells in Nicol Bolas' deck.
Posted By: pedrodyl (9/1/2011 10:41:30 PM)


well, this card put me over the top on deciding whether to get this deck.

Coincidentally (or not), Nicol plays a deck similar to my Sol'kanar the Swamp King EDH deck.
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (9/3/2011 8:48:24 PM)


Possibly the best 'strictly better than cancel' in the game, in the context of everything you ever knew about counterspells.

3 mana is about where you want counterspells sitting if you want to have a deck that can interact with a variety of decks without causing to many 'unfun' moments, while still giving it a good chance to play control. If nobody will PLAY against your Force of Will deck, then you've actually LOST by winning too much. see?

whereas this is just 'difficult' enough to cast (2 colors! :O 3 mana! :O ) that they can't really not let you use it....but evil enough that you will cackle every time it hits the stack :)
(PS signets are awesome :D )
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/6/2011 9:29:24 PM)


So I was playing a game with my bud, and we both were playing EDH decks with BlackBlue in it. We both played Undermine.

So at one time, I played Knowledge Pool, which exiled his Undermine. Then he played Knowledge pool (we have similar decks) and exiled his.

After that, I kind of conceded because... well, two god-damned knowledge pools? Sorry bro, no can do.

But then as we were cleaning up, I lost count of which undermine was mine. We had the same coloured sleeves, you see (NO, WE AREN'T THE SAME PERSON).

So he asks, "Which pool is my undermine exiled with?"

I said, "Well, I think it's under mine."

A second passed.

I then stood up, took a deep breath, and said, "I... think I have to go now."

Magic Puns.
Posted By: Ferlord (12/1/2013 10:49:52 AM)


Good if you run U/B control, which just happens to be the best kind of control.

I wish one of them was hybrid mana but hey, you can't have everything. As it is, it's reasonably costed and has a good effect.
Posted By: Jannissary (3/25/2013 7:37:42 PM)


When control and aggro collide, you get this: Win conditions stapled to counterspells. Yeah.

Building myself Suicide/Aggro blue around cards like this. When you consider that this, Countersquall, Mind Bomb, and Psionic Blast are a total of 48 damage in 16 cards; then add in beautifully efficient blue flying beaters, it's not hard to see why it could brutalize many decks without trying. Blue's library manipulation, card draw, and efficient damage cards like these make it almost as good as red at burn, except it counters combo, and doesn't rely on removal to keep creatures out.

Keeping black in the deck allows one to side in a boatload of efficient black removal, weenie killers and gravehate. Think Go for the Throat, Plague Spitter, Shriekmaw, Leyline of the Void, etc..
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/16/2013 10:44:04 PM)


Combo with Sygg, River Cutthroat
Posted By: Oniwa (10/8/2013 10:06:24 AM)


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