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Looks like somebody slept through Innistrad...
Posted By: MisterAction (7/6/2012 3:31:04 PM)


I really need to find a way to break this card in so many ways in standard, modern is easy to burst this into action, but standard...yeah you can see how this makes any Johnny want to find a way to bring him out on turn 2-3. :D
Posted By: LordTaco (7/10/2012 10:04:03 PM)


Combos with Loleth Troll from RTR
Posted By: Sour_Diesel (9/25/2012 11:14:35 PM)


Finally, this effect in an uncommon. Cheap enough to build around.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (7/6/2012 5:51:11 PM)


It's like a more limited bloodghast in almost every way that may hurt more but comes into play too late to see noticeable swamp action.

Must be meant to be used in a discard outlet. That is the only good use i can see for him outside of limited.
Posted By: jsttu (7/6/2012 4:42:36 AM)


use repeatedly with greenseeker or silverglade pathfinder

still not a good card though
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/5/2012 8:31:12 PM)


This guy just will not stay dead! He will almost always return to my hand and I will always cast him because I am a pro.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/5/2012 4:29:24 PM)


I may be wrong, but i think you misread Toymaker's ability. I believe the artifact has p/t equal to it's own casting cost, not the discarded card's casting cost.
Posted By: LegoLeonidas (7/19/2012 12:34:15 PM)


I use this in my Mono Black Control atm. Blowing the board up with Mutilate, play a swamp and recasting him always puts me at a large advantage over my opponent. It's also a nice discard outlet for Innistrad Liliana.

I do wish he was 1 CMC less with maybe a loss in power, but oh well.
Posted By: Virde (7/19/2012 4:04:54 PM)


Wow, looks like Gravecrawler really let himself go.
Posted By: NuckChorris (8/20/2012 2:41:12 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!