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Remember when 4 mana would get you a 3/3 flyer? Yeah, so do I. Apparently that's not good enough anymore. A 4/3 flyer for that cost is already pretty good, and giving her exalted makes her very competitively playable.

But this... this is just too much...
Posted By: Continue (1/18/2013 4:27:58 PM)


To have insane exalted party use Rite of Replication on this :)
Posted By: Sidecutte (11/4/2012 2:06:47 PM)


A bit too powerful for my tastes.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (7/6/2012 5:16:59 PM)


I wish this and thundermaw hellkite weren't so pricey haha. That said, this card is just insane. Also, it needs flavor text, preferably flavor text explaining why giant black demons and vampire rogues have exalted all of the sudden.
Posted By: Dragasm (8/13/2012 3:36:14 PM)


"Seems strange they didn't just print it as "Creatures you control have Exalted" like Goblin Warchief. Just seems tidier." --TheFarran

It looks tidier indeed.
But it does make a difference as long as this card is on a zone other than the battlefield.
If there were a card that would allow you to search your library for creature with exalted,
you could search for Sublime Archangel.
Yet if there were a card that gets you a creature with haste, you couldn't choose Goblin Warchief.

I'll end this late comment by jumping on the bandwagon of players that dislike the fact that this is yet another Mythic with an unnecessarily high power level.
Yet, as with Baneslayer, I'd have been okay with it if just it would require more colored mana.
1WhiteWhiteWhite wouldn't have made it weaker, but harder to splash. You simply shouldn't get this for 2WhiteWhite.
Posted By: Mode (11/17/2013 10:11:30 AM)


This is why they make instant speed removal. This is also why they make creatures hexproof.
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (11/8/2012 12:25:50 PM)


@BowbeforeZod: Avacyn, Angel of Hope?...
Posted By: Emperorerror (11/18/2012 10:20:28 PM)


Of course, like many bombs, it dies to removal - plus it's awesome power from giving everything exalted has the drawback of turning future removal into pseudo-fogs (by killing a creature after its declared as an attacker). Having said that, if left unchecked, this card is obviously an absolute powerhouse. Being a 4 mana card, its not uncommon for it to land after 2 other creatures are already on the board. That's already +3/+3 for one of the other two creatures. Next turn, in that situation without any new creatures she'd swing for 7 evasive damage. The thing is, even on her own she's above the curve - swinging for 5+ evasive the turn after she comes out.

I've put her into a GW Soul Foundry deck to take advantage of the theoretical heaps of creatures, and truth be told she's probably won the majority of the games out of all my win cons. Given that I run Fauna Shaman and Noble Hierarch/GSZ + Dryad Arbor, it's not uncommon for me to land her on turn 3, then play a second copy on turn 4 ... (see all)
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (11/19/2012 9:48:18 PM)


How to turn any white deck into an exalted deck with one card =D
Posted By: SquiddyFish (12/16/2012 12:40:11 AM)


@K34 Here's why she's Mythic:
Sublime Archangel - 4 drop requiring only a double splash of white, non-legendary, 4/3 creature with evasion that gives any creature attacking alone +1/+1 for each creature you control with exalted, and she gives each creature exalted.
Let's break this down.
As many have already said, a 4/3 flier for 4cmc is already - at the very least - playable, and the fact that she gives all creatures exalted PLUS she's not legendary is almost over the top. Consider her in a good token deck, perhaps even an EDH with Rafiq of the Many and a Luminarch Ascension and you are talking some serious power. With all of white's defensive power, building a deck around her and keeping her alive - assuming she resolves - long enough to be effective shouldn't be terribly hard.
Say you do have Rafiq for EDH, which enables you to play blue meaning counters and removal at your disposal and you have her. She's also a viable option for cards like... (see all)
Posted By: FarisV (2/4/2014 4:08:24 AM)


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