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Actually if you compare the H with the h in ship, it's thiner.
Posted By: Teotanek (10/1/2010 3:22:24 PM)


All she needs is a whispersilk cloak and voila, you have a bomb in any artifact deck. Use this to outlast your opponent and whittle down their defenses until nothing is left and they are out of Disentombs or whatever -return to hand- mechanic cards they have in their deck.
Posted By: MechaKraken (2/2/2011 12:03:43 AM)


Excellent EDH tech. I run her in my {W}{U}{G} deck with Jenara, Asura of War as general. Especially nice with enchantments like Seal of Cleansing and the other "Seal of" cycle. In a long drawn-out EDH match, being able to reuse cards this cheaply can be a huge advantage.
Posted By: cathode01 (3/14/2011 3:58:38 PM)


So many avenues you can go with Hanna as your General in EDH. Stax/Prison or Combo seem the most fun though :)
Posted By: Trektippy (9/8/2011 2:33:35 PM)


Did you drink my gingerale?! HANNAH?!
Posted By: infernox10 (12/1/2011 9:40:52 AM)


Genderswapped Han Solo XD. Nice to see that she shoots first.
Posted By: Manji187 (2/20/2012 4:17:37 AM)


"Set phazers to 'kill'."
Posted By: DacenOctavio (10/19/2012 1:39:11 AM)


She's gonna be a blast with Theros! With Gods and their weapons ALL being at least an Enchantment, she can keep them coming back with ease! (which is good, considering how easy it is to at least destroy the weapons, being both Artifact AND Enchantment... can you say "fragile"?
Posted By: JarieSuicune (12/15/2013 11:36:19 AM)


@Omenchild; It is capitalized, but their font just looks that way...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (6/1/2010 3:35:06 PM)


@Tigguris: Really? 1WU, T to return an artifact or enchantment from your graveyard to play? If that's what her ability was, Hanna would be one of the most broken cards in Magic. That would just be poor card design. As is, Hanna is a solid recursion engine for artifacts and an amazing one for enchantments. There's not too much about her worth whining about, except she could have been a bit hardier. Being a 2/2, maybe even a 2/3, wouldn't have made this card too obscene.
Posted By: Japicx (3/21/2011 9:05:35 PM)


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