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The goblins worked very hard on their float for the annual Founders Day parade, but were not invited back after they accidentally ran over and crushed most of a high-school marching band.
Posted By: TimCrockett (7/29/2013 10:11:05 AM)


Back in the day this was pretty much assured of drawing out one of your opponents Lightning Bolts or Disenchants Not quite so nasy now but still can be a pain to deal with
Posted By: stevebugge (3/27/2010 3:10:34 PM)


This was once the most feared creature, especially with the mana acceleration of Mishra's Workshop. Now it is a decent creature, more so since Changelings exist...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 3:04:52 PM)


@RafiqTheMiststalker: Lodestone Golem plays another role than this. This happily dances past control players' Wall of Frosts and Wall of Denials, while Lodestone is meant to slow down your opponents. Neither one outshines the other, but they're still both very good at what they do best.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (1/12/2012 4:36:09 PM)


This will definitely make other players think twice before using they're Counterspell /Cancel's on some cards.
Posted By: John-Bender (11/20/2009 10:12:48 PM)


Lodestone Golem kind of outdoes this.
Not to say he wasn't good for his time, but Lodestone has the same cost, supertype, p/t but also a powerful ability to keep it safe. Bolt kills it, but Bolt costs 1R due to him... not a huge difference, but good enough.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/10/2010 5:05:06 PM)


love this card. Sad that number 53 is getting only a 3.7....but there was a time whene you couldnt afford to not play him or couldnt play him do to his banning
Posted By: classicking (10/29/2012 12:52:27 AM)


Originally banned instead of certain certain OTHER cards. (http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/feature/253, #40)
Posted By: Goatllama (6/1/2013 6:01:36 AM)


The art is kind of hilarious, too.
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (10/13/2013 8:41:44 AM)