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This and Rumbling Slum are doing one of those slow motion running hug scenes
Posted By: ThisisSakon (9/25/2012 11:47:20 PM)


Ahaha, Lotsofpoopy is making a catchphrase for himself. "I am a pro"

Anyways, hilarious flavor. I guess it got sick of being the path on which devils use rolling temblor.
Posted By: Goatllama (9/26/2012 9:55:04 AM)


I'm sorry, Mr. Brute, but I'm still gonna have to go with my Minotaurs, Ruinous Minotaur and Gorehorn Minotaur instead. However, I suppose this spells the end of Incurable Ogre's reign. And yet, I still miss Arc Runner.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/26/2012 2:50:58 PM)


Love the callback to Rumbling Slum. Too bad it's not as good. Otherwise, I'd make a cool manland deck without any ACTUAL manlands.
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/28/2012 6:23:44 PM)


Constructed worthy? Of course not. But draft worthy? 4.5/5, at least.

5 power for 4 keeps a lot of ugly attackers back while you hit your opponent with cheap Azorious flyers every turn. Went with a U/W/R Stall deck at my local draft and took home the gold thanks to basic beefy red guys like this. Not to mention if you give him flying with New Prahv Guildmage lol.
Posted By: Fictionarious (10/8/2012 6:43:00 PM)


With Xenograft or Conspiracy he can literally be a Road Warrior.
Posted By: PhantomDust (9/26/2012 5:14:54 PM)


He certainly isn't great, but he's certainly not the worst thing in the world either. I think it's a good teaching card in that it'll make newer players want to play with it, but they'll later go on to realize that he isn't as good as originally thought.
Posted By: YellowWalker (9/28/2012 11:39:51 AM)


Not the most playable card but the flavor is lovely.
Posted By: Johnald (10/5/2012 9:42:46 AM)


Cool art / text. Equip with Cobbled Wings for an amusing flavour combo.
Posted By: TowerDefender (6/11/2013 12:13:10 AM)


The only vanilla 5/2 creature in the game.
Posted By: SirZapdos (9/26/2012 11:48:52 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!