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Maybe they increased the cost from 3Blue to 4Blue because of the may-clause, but this is just too much.
He could at least have been made as strong as Man-o'-War. I don't want to pay two mana for a -1/+2 change.
Posted By: Mode (9/30/2012 2:54:58 AM)


I see a lot of hate for this card, but he rocked against creatures with scavenge counters on him, and he was countered when I was playing an Azorius guy (who figured I'd Counterflux his Isperia, and as for that 8/8 Grove of the Guardian token? Yeah...
Posted By: mflanaga (10/1/2012 9:45:03 AM)


This guy should not be rated so low. He is a house in draft. I had two of him in my Azorius deck last night and got 1st. It's a dinky card outside of limited, but the ability to come down, set the opponent back in tempo (maybe permanently clear away one of the ubiquitous 3/3 centaur tokens in the format) and then be a stupendous 1/4 wall for the rest of the game is excellent. So many 3-power creatures in RtR.

2.5 for limited value.
Posted By: Homelands (11/24/2012 6:57:47 PM)


Man! Another awesomely drawn card, ruined by poor... erm, poorness.

And the flavour? So far, my favourite on all of the RtR cards. The feeling of this anarchistic maniac loose on the streets of Ravnica, doing all kinds of crazy, causing the Azorius to place a bounty on him. MAN!

Flavourfully, it'd make more sense if he exiled a card. HE'S HOLDING A VOID... IN HIS HAND! THAT'S SO METAL!
Posted By: Ferlord (10/4/2012 9:23:19 AM)


I'm not willing to pay 5 for this effect on an underwhelming creature. 3Blue would've been perfectly fine, or even 2BlueBlue. This is just silly.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/26/2012 4:39:32 PM)


Really expensive for his effect sadly :/
Posted By: Firesplitter. (9/26/2012 3:46:49 AM)


You're right about Mist Raven but I'm brainstorming a Wizard (or Rakdos) deck in STD with Heartless Summoning and this seems like the superior card for that.
Posted By: lorendorky (9/25/2012 10:48:44 PM)


Bouncing is a very good effect that pros like me will be taking advantage of when we play this magnificent wizard.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/27/2012 10:16:22 PM)


Awful, unprofessional-sounding flavor text. The person who wrote it should feel ashamed.
Posted By: kyothine (10/6/2012 9:58:18 PM)


mist raven wants a word something about you being a bit pants .
Posted By: Mindbend (9/25/2012 3:21:05 PM)


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