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A great trick, however the art really doesn't illustrate the card that well...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 6:35:25 PM)


The face looks familiar...
Posted By: inmypants22 (8/24/2009 8:53:52 PM)


Great white card, wish it was reprinted more...
Posted By: Gako (9/25/2009 6:16:51 PM)


summon monica lewinsky?
Posted By: nunyaJs (2/3/2012 11:53:02 AM)


Why does a constipated Amy Winehouse symbolize the reversing of damage?
Posted By: IceRapture (8/27/2010 5:28:57 PM)


Aaaaand she is getting shot with a lazer!
Posted By: Rakdos.Da.Purifier (2/11/2011 9:47:36 PM)


Intervention Pact
Posted By: JoshMagic (5/24/2011 7:34:55 PM)


The lady in the art is pretty damn hot. Quit dissin' her, boys.
Posted By: DrJack (7/17/2012 7:21:37 PM)


Odd. The errata changes the card's effect dramatically. Under modern rules, the original card wouldn't save your life if you took lethal damage, because you'd drop below 0 (and die as a state-based action) before you could cast it. On the other hand, with the original wording, if you took damage from a source multiple times in one turn, Reverse Damage would reverse all of it; the Oracle text doesn't allow that.

Presumably they changed it to prevent the damage because of the rules change that made dying a state-based action; previously you'd only die at the end of the phase, so it could save you if you dropped into negatives. But that doesn't explain why it's no longer capable of reversing damage retroactively when you've been damaged multiple times by the same source -- or why Reverse Polarity, which had nearly identical wording to this originally, has an Oracle text that goes the other way (failing to save you from lethal damage, but allowing you to reverse d... (see all)
Posted By: Aquillion (6/11/2013 5:19:30 PM)