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this art is stunning! much better than the original!
Posted By: busdriverdan (4/6/2012 12:20:55 AM)


Love this card 5/5
Posted By: Speednat (4/6/2012 2:07:19 PM)


Ouch, T3 5/5 First strike? Combine with burn and he'll get through; laying a lot of pain. Next to kiln fiend without fetch lands, you're still reliably attacking for 3-4 to the face T3.
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/22/2013 12:15:30 PM)


Really? REALLY? 'lava-bask later'? xP

you are lucky the rules text and artwork make me need this card, or I would give it 0/5 for that groaner.
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/16/2012 11:22:36 AM)


The art on this and the original is good. I just can't help but get grossed out by its legs in this one and the nasty fang things on the other original one.
Posted By: pm11 (4/8/2012 2:19:08 PM)


This is easilly one of my favorite magic arts in a long time. The Red instects are kind of becoming a tribe. Imagine a Red/Black insect legendary lord :)
Posted By: lorendorky (4/8/2012 7:18:42 PM)


I honestly think this card can be a powerful turn two drop. When it comes into play, turn three, drop mountain. Honestly a three-three is pretty good for a turn three drop.
Posted By: atemu1234 (4/20/2012 6:54:54 PM)


Card 3.5/5
Art 5/5, I mean seriously it's amazing....... I think I'll give it a 5 just for the art.
Posted By: Ninjagod5092 (4/27/2012 11:32:10 AM)


Still prefer the other art, as that's the one I've come to know and fear.

However, this is still an excellent card. 4.5/5
Posted By: boneclub (5/7/2012 10:22:41 PM)


Even though we all already know it, Combos with Evolving WIlds and/or Terramorphic expanse.
Posted By: Infraclear (7/7/2012 10:42:50 PM)