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Sweet, one of my favorite cards is back in circulation.
Kinda was hoping for new art though.
Posted By: Mr.Wimples (9/5/2011 11:02:39 AM)


Boomerang stapled to Funeral Charm's first mode. Can't really argue with that kind of utility. This gets better and better later in the game too, as it can become quite similar to a Vindicate, or force much more sadistic discards. 4.5 easily.
Posted By: Guest1381794618 (9/2/2011 9:43:44 PM)


This is a mental Vindicate. MIND CRUSH!
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/6/2011 9:13:17 PM)


Every deck running black/blue must have this card. Permanent return (any) and discard at instant speed is very rare to find on any card

Posted By: Paladin85 (9/17/2011 4:58:04 AM)


This is pretty epic if they have no cards in hand. Also pretty good in any case.
Posted By: RunedServitor (1/23/2012 1:33:12 PM)


Sometimes I make them discard everything so this effectively becomes a better version of Vindicate (it can get rid of something indestructible).
Sometimes I bounce something and then get rid of it with Lobotomy which is the same colors. Hit it at the end of opponent's turn and then play Lobotomy on yours.
Posted By: jfre81 (2/15/2012 3:07:13 AM)


Even if they have a full hand, this card leads to a big tempo advantage. You stalled a threat and potentially got rid of another one all together.

Later on this acts like a vindicate, that hits anything that does not have protection, hexproof, or shroud.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (3/7/2012 8:16:18 AM)



How you made me cry when you first came out.
How many times did you turn into vindicate, with added insult from megrim?

After planar chaos came out, a friend of mine had a strange UBR control deck. His favourite thing to do was to recoil his flametongue kavu, and discard into reckless wurm, with madness. Bizarre, but strangely effective.

Still one of my favourite bounce spells (along with the aptly named snap);

And it's a common!
Posted By: Sharu (3/10/2012 11:53:56 PM)


I don't get why it isn't rated higher.
Posted By: bantar (6/18/2012 5:14:50 PM)


this was probably my favorite invasion common
Posted By: Curlie-Joe (1/25/2013 10:37:36 AM)


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