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I rated it 3/5 just because it's an UNDEAD ANACONDA.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/15/2010 12:10:35 AM)


It's not a good ability, but by no means is it a bad one. It has no drawback. Rather, it's just limited in its scope, but can still kill, or at the very least, dissuade your opponent from blocking.

It's better than deathtouch too (minus the cost, of course), since combat damage doesn't happen.
Posted By: nammertime (12/24/2009 4:30:28 AM)


This is way better than a lot of the comments make it out to be. It has a good toughness for a black creature, and an ability that can take out anything that wants to block it, barring indestructible creatures. Just buff it up with something and it'll be great!
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (9/22/2010 8:14:54 PM)


5 mana a 3/3 creature with lame abillity ? oh come...
Posted By: True_Smog (11/17/2009 3:08:06 AM)


I prefer Grotesque Hybrid to this. Same power, toughness, and mana cost. The ability works on defense and doesn't cost mana to activate. And it has another ability. The only advantage Zombie Boa has is that it doesn't need to deal damage to destroy.
Posted By: pumaman83 (10/1/2011 9:24:56 AM)


For 7 mana I could do so much better than a 3/3 with single color deathtouch >.>
2/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (2/5/2013 6:53:10 PM)


Painter's servant.
Posted By: Flavros (6/15/2010 6:27:40 PM)


Use to run this and Bloodscent (both one-ofs) in my first GB deck. Wasn't horrible, but it wasn't amazing either. I still love it though.

Just for the hell of it, compare to Zombie Goliath.
Posted By: BastianQoU (10/8/2011 9:54:49 PM)


Hmm, yeah. I'd only consider this usable in tandem with Lure-effects.
Posted By: nemokara (2/28/2012 12:46:59 PM)