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Cast "lace with moonglove"
Posted By: MDStrawHat (7/16/2010 10:07:54 AM)


I bet if it were a Goblin people would be drooling over it.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/22/2009 6:21:33 PM)


Without "damage on the stack" not as good as it used to be, but it definitely deserves a better rating (2.4 as I write this, I give it a 4.0), being a Tremor with legs taking care of huge token armies. A useful one-drop not just for the early game.
Posted By: holgir (9/23/2009 1:16:18 AM)


Playable dwarves for the win.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (12/27/2009 7:37:19 PM)


@sethddickess: Sword of Kaldra wouldn't matter because you sacrifice as a cost before the damage effect, meaning he's no longer equipped and so your idea doesn't work.
Posted By: Jay13x (2/23/2010 10:28:09 AM)


sword of kaldra
Posted By: sethddickess (2/3/2010 9:15:19 AM)


Basilisk Collar, of course.
Posted By: MicrosizeMe (5/11/2012 3:28:56 PM)


Any clues to why his Bloodfire bros also damage flying creatures?
Posted By: garbagegatherer (6/22/2012 4:18:27 AM)


"Any clues to why his Bloodfire bros also damage flying creatures?"

@garbagegatherer because the bigger the bloodfire creature gets, not only the damage it deals is increased, but also area of effect: Bloodfire Colossus, unlike Bloodfire Kavu, also affects players.

The area of effect change might have been chosen because each of those creatures from this vertical cycle mimic a familiar burn spell when you sacrifice them:
The dwarf creates a Tremor, the kavu a Pyroclasm and the colossus an Inferno.
(As additional feature, each of those burn spells also happens to match the rarity of the respective creature.)
Posted By: Mode (10/20/2012 1:36:02 AM)


Worth keeping a set for sideboard; sees occasional vintage play (The Mountains Win Again); happens to be the cheapest beater for this kind of effect. Combines well with Pyrokinesis as you can kill up to 4 2/2s, 2 3/3s, or a 5/5 with them combined together. It also keeps you from wasting kinesis on small creatures.

Great for multiplayer. So you can save your bigger wipes for when things get hairy. Run him in a {(u/r)} flying deck? (Delver, wormfang drake, Ruinator, dragons?)
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/29/2013 11:21:26 AM)


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