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Most efficient black discard outlet, among the most efficient ways to stock your graveyard in the entire game, and sometimes the tiny bit of flying damage can tip the battle in your favor.
Posted By: Atali (11/20/2011 6:14:10 PM)


This card is in some ways slightly better than Zombie Infestation. Allow me to create a Pros and Cons chart:


1. This has a better mana cost (1 CMC > 2 CMC :P)
2. You don't have to discard two cards: You only have to discard one card at a time.
3. It's a creature that could become a flying chump-blocker or a simple attacker.


1. It's not an Enchantment, which is much more difficult to deal with than creatures.
2. You don't get Zombie tokens as a result.
3... Umm... Zombie's are cool.

Subtract Con 3 and you can easily see why this is a greater choice over the Infestation.
Of course, if you were any respectable reanimation player, you'd have both.
Posted By: Ferlord (12/16/2011 8:27:14 PM)


This thing is insanely good, particularly in a re-animation deck. Oh, wait.
Posted By: NeoKoda (11/20/2011 12:02:10 PM)


I'd say "dies to Chimney Imp", but I have a feeling this dude is never, ever alone in battle.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (11/24/2011 1:59:46 PM)


Turn 1: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Putrid Imp, Discard your It that Betrays to give this guy flying, then Exhume with your final 2 mana.... annnnddd "Your turn."

Opponent: ..... Guard Duty

Posted By: ToAsTy42o (9/4/2012 8:41:55 PM)


Is it slightly lolzy that I confused this with the Chimney Imp meme for the longest time? :p
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/22/2011 5:04:21 PM)


This guy... I've stumbled upon him not too long ago, and since one of my mane decks is a Madness-based deck, I was in love. Yet to try it though, but I hope to get it as soon as possible!
Posted By: Todris052 (5/17/2012 11:41:59 AM)


Entombs 5 through 7, in just about any reanimator deck other than a UB build.

Also, very bizarre synergy with a reanimated Jin-Gitaxis, Core Auger.
Posted By: Dream_Twist (6/17/2012 7:32:17 AM)


I throw Emrakul into my reanimation deck (lolwut) and let Emrakul sit in my hand until an opponent triggers a GY sweep ability then I discard Emrakul with this little guy and we all live(?) happily ever after
Posted By: Xycolian (7/15/2012 7:19:44 PM)


4.5/5 Can even beat Storm Crow with some effort
Posted By: Lockwert (5/31/2013 1:45:34 AM)


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