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Not only does this card allow blue to handle permanents (one of the color's weakness) it could pretty much win you the game with the one-sided mass bounce, force your opponent to invest. In group games, you would reign.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/25/2012 10:38:21 PM)


Yeah, this card just basically screams multiplayer. But the thing I really like about it is that it will never be a dead card. You're not going to be sad to see this in your opening hand, and late game it will often be a godsend. It's really well designed and very splashable. Fantastic card, and thank you Wizards for not making it mythic.
Posted By: rollinsclone (9/27/2012 9:32:26 PM)


how can anyone recover from the overload?
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/28/2012 7:19:04 PM)


A number of people seem to misread the card. It's not, at worst, a disperse. Disperse lets you bounce your own stuff, in response to removal or to get rid of an arrest or for whatever reason. Cyclonic Rift doesn't. That's a huge disadvantage. And the overload version is far too expensive imho.

One part of it is super-narrow, the other super-expensive. I'll pass, and stick to devastation tide.

Usually you bounce your opponent's stuff most of the time, so the fact that this doesn't hit your own stuff won't make it "super-narrow". There's a reason why delver ran vapor snag over unsummon; the 1 life loss will go towards your opponents more often than you.

Yes, 7 mana is a lot, but it'll be mostly control decks playing this, which can slowly get up to that 7 mana. The fact that its' an instant makes this much easier to play with as you can hold counters/restoration angel/etc. and then use this for a finisher.
Posted By: mdakw576 (10/2/2012 6:03:10 AM)


This will see Standard.
At worst, it's a Disperse, which is an effective card anyway.
Otherwise, you basically win the game, or effectively stave off your demise for 2 - 3 turns.
Posted By: infernox10 (9/25/2012 10:29:11 PM)


Instant win if you can resolve it.
Posted By: General_Naga (9/26/2012 3:47:23 PM)


It's the instant speed that makes this thing overpowerd. This might quite possibly be the crutch to keep blue decks competitive; the fact that it's splashable perhaps makes other-color ramp decks downright broken.
Posted By: nirvava (10/4/2012 1:11:24 AM)


The art is very appropriate for the blowouts this little gem will cause.

Seven mana for that effect is a *bargain*-
being able to use it as most of a Disperse is just extra gravy.
Posted By: drpvfx (10/30/2012 10:26:02 AM)


Hey look, Into the Roil. Oh, look, One sided Evacuation.
Posted By: TraRobins (9/29/2012 9:35:37 AM)


Wow, this is crazy. Well costed at base and the overload is basically "win target game". Gorgeous art too. I foresee this being a tournament staple for a long time.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (10/1/2012 12:06:58 PM)