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The worst land to bounce with Azorius Chancery. New Benalia or even Soaring Seacliff is better.
Posted By: Speednat (4/5/2012 8:39:47 PM)


Posted By: Ogrenoodle89 (4/7/2012 8:43:40 PM)


I recently played a 3-sided game against a buddy's insane werewolf deck and a novice's lifegain deck. I was using a lot of the cards pulled from the couple of Venser's decks I got. I was able to drop a Stonehorn Dignitary next to my Mistmeadow Witch after the werewolves had just swung for 16 with a Reckless Waif 4th turn. I was able to keep the wolves at bay, but then out came not one, but three Tovolar's Magehunters, with a couple Immerwolves providing backup. This card, Sejiri Refuge, saved my skin. I was able to bounce it enough to let me get out Lone Missionary, which let me begin pumping out other spells again. Finally coming upon my Vensers, I was able to get in enough unblockable damage to win it, then eventually take down the lifegain deck.

As much hate as simple lifegain gets, cards like this that can be a repeatable source of li... (see all)
Posted By: BastianQoU (5/6/2012 8:06:03 PM)


My buddy once built a deck similar to superfriends.dec with 15 walkers, and a mana base of primarily nonbasics that etb tapped. But he got around it with Amulet of Vigor. Now, that card makes life better for cards like this, but there's too much tempo loss without it.

Oh, and top decking the land I needed to unearth my Anathemancer felt damn good ftw
Posted By: MindAblaze (6/11/2012 8:08:28 AM)


While I dislike these lands for playing with, they are good in that they give new players options, and they are still rather cheep despite being almost 5 years old now. I hope at some point they give us an Enemy cycle of these, so some of the more budget friendly commander decks and enemy decks can have decent mana fixing too...

3/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (6/5/2014 7:56:19 AM)