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No way this should be rated this low (check out the other printing's rating). I'll admit that it's nothing all that great if you don't have at least one creature lying around to sac, but if you do it suddenly becomes much, much more attractive. 4 mana for a 3/3 flyer with trample sounds fair to me, as long as you're running it in a deck with some chumps you can sac; and honestly in a red/green deck that's not unlikely.
Posted By: Darsidian (6/9/2012 6:41:07 AM)


Great in a token deck. Wish it was better everywhere else though.
Posted By: rollinsclone (8/21/2012 9:15:45 PM)


It's so damn cute!
Posted By: PsiGooberFish (5/30/2013 1:25:37 PM)


The problem with this card is that it's still not that great even after Devour. You have to sacrifice a creature to make it essentially an Assault Zeppelid. Without Devour, it's a totally worthless 2/2 bear for 4 CMC. It sucks that you get punished so hard if you don't Devour with this card. Of course, you can sac more to make it slightly stronger, but Devour 1 is never a good deal on its own, and this card doesn't have haste to really take advantage of Devour anyway....
Posted By: DeaTh-ShiNoBi (7/3/2013 11:16:54 PM)