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You had me at IGUANAR.
Posted By: Salient (3/21/2014 5:18:33 PM)


We have Blood Artist, which I'd say is better because of a lower mana cost AND that it also triggers when it dies, but I'd say having both in a deck is not bad - just wish I was good at BSing so I could make my opponent not pay attention to the fact that having a few of both on the battlefield amplifies the damage dealt to them manyfold.
Posted By: Travelsonic (5/4/2013 10:38:26 AM)


Excuse me, since when is a 0/1 better than a 3/1? Especially in red? this turns shocks into Arc Trails, which is handy when that removes the blocker so you can go eat 3 HP from your opponent
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/15/2013 9:35:31 AM)


Blood Artist is cheaper with lifegain, this guy has more power, and can remove planeswalkers.
Posted By: the_unthinkable (2/11/2014 2:16:32 AM)


I suppose Blood Artist is much better, but this is red... so saying "Strictly Better" wouldn't have any girth.
Posted By: Ferlord (6/12/2012 3:58:42 PM)


I really wish this came in with a reduced Power / Toughness ratio in exchange for a lower casting cost.... something like {1}{R} for a 0/1 with this ability would be good. A 2/1 would be fantastic, but would be pushing the envelope at common.
Posted By: tcollins (2/4/2014 9:08:02 PM)