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Good, I have these in my deck to make Sticky Pistons.
Posted By: Layk (8/5/2013 10:25:41 PM)


What's with the hate?

Mitotic Slime is a great and very above-average card. It's very green, and it is exceptionally realistic...

Well, as realistic as Slime is in the fantasy genre.
Posted By: Ferlord (6/12/2012 4:01:08 PM)


I love this card. Two layers of anti wrath, and seven creatures to feed to sacrifice effects. You can use three of them and still have 4 power! He is nice with Ashnod's Altar, or Helm of Possession.

Also, Parallel Lives! This, a parallel lives and an altar yield up to 42 colorless mana (2*1+2*4+2*16)!
Posted By: kiseki (6/19/2012 5:27:38 PM)


Shouldn't this be Meiotic Slime? I mean, it divides twice...
Posted By: Continue (11/13/2012 4:04:55 PM)


Good times with Lifeline, a sac outlet, and the two token-doubling enchantments.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/31/2012 8:18:07 PM)


Yo dawg, I herd you like tokens, so I put a token maker in your token maker so you can make tokens while you make tokens.
Posted By: Jake1991 (5/31/2012 5:39:55 PM)


Minecraft slime lol
Posted By: boochaca (3/2/2013 12:24:31 PM)


Combos with Doubling Season... Because I'm that guy.

Of course, even without that enchantment, this card is really useful, and extremely flavorful. 4.5/5 From me most definitely.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (8/27/2012 9:29:21 PM)


A fun, flavorful card that brings back memories (nightmares?) of a time when our adventuring party was attacked at night in the Underdark. Having no idea what was heading towards us, I cast a Blade Barrier to shield the party. That was great, until we learned that it was a Black Pudding, an Ooze that basically splits up like this critter when dealt enough damage by sharp objects. Much running and screaming followed, though we were victorious in the end. Fun card!
Posted By: Radagast (9/30/2012 7:11:57 AM)


Pretty wild ammunition for Fallen Ideal
Posted By: feedbacker (11/2/2012 10:14:22 PM)


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