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It's not overpowered, just enough to make it an extremely useful common, especially in the right deck. It helps a Merfolk deck tons, and it can also make some use for otherwise unplayable blue beaters like Vodalian Serpent.
Posted By: jfre81 (5/2/2011 2:24:27 AM)


I have a casual Blast deck (Distorting Lens/other color manipulators + (Hydro)Pyroblast/(Blue)Red Elemental Blast).
I'm considering augmenting it by comboing this card with Active Volcano and Flash Flood. It's one turn quicker than using the Lens (which I can drop and abuse on turn 3: 2 to cast and 1 to Blast), which means I can keep my opponent to 1 land if I go first and avoid the chance that he pulls his Disenchant/Naturalize for my Distorting Lens. Active/Flash can even be used in place of my Blasts to clear the board.
Posted By: Calver (11/8/2010 11:49:49 AM)


@Thorhauge: or before their main phase as sorcery speed control

and then in your turn for lord of atlantis
Posted By: OverfiendSurprise (5/14/2010 12:42:49 AM)


@Thorhauge: You activate it in their upkeep. Sure they can still play instants (during their own upkeep - not much use with counterspells, etc) but it really does interfere with a modern multicolored deck's ability to do much else.
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (6/16/2010 10:14:57 AM)


THis card is insanely overpowered. the all time MVP of my merfolk deck.
for 1 mana u can drop it on the first turn. and change ur opponents mana into something he or she cannot use.

It will drastically slow down ur opponents game and most likely win the game. And against an opponent who has a 3 or more color deck you could lock them out of the game indefinitely with one or two of these. Win the game while they still hasn't played a spell.
Posted By: Gezus82 (10/4/2009 5:01:19 AM)


Please replace "insanely overpowered" with "fairly powered and moderately useful." I have never heard people complain about the power level of this gal. Ever.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/17/2010 7:54:38 AM)


For that to work Gezus82, you would have to change the land type while their mana is tapped in their upkeep. Remember that mana-abilities are faster than anything.
Posted By: Thorhauge (2/27/2010 12:12:06 AM)


combos with lands
Posted By: DaaNz (3/19/2009 4:38:31 AM)


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