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Sadly, this is a Poor answer to Blightsteel, as it doesn't remove the creature from combat after tapping it. If you can survive that Blightsteel going sideways, it'll stop it, but it's not easy to survive, especially if the other deck is running more infect than just the Blightsteel.
Posted By: Guest1381794618 (4/5/2011 12:08:30 AM)


I got one in my EDH deck, sometimes 1 Maze of Ith just isn't enough.

Plus its fun to banish someones non-flying general to the ice fields.

I also run a Island of Wak-Wak, cause I'm that kinda guy.
Posted By: Pontiac (4/5/2011 5:32:02 PM)


I could see this being used as a poor man's Maze of Ith.
Posted By: PlagueWielder (12/13/2009 1:23:06 PM)


Useful against Marit Lage :)
Posted By: Arthindole (3/14/2010 1:17:16 PM)


Good stuff. Free colorless pseudo-removal. Would've been "great" rather than "good" if not for the limitations. If you've got a goon or two to step in front of Blightsteel Colossus and absorb the damage (or prevent it somehow) then it works just fine.

Used to use these quite a bit back in the day. Good synergy with Norritt, Bullwhip or anything else that can force a creature to attack. Norritt can kill the creature off next turn so you can hit something else with the Floe. Not just for fatties, as this could also disable something's annoying activated ability.
Posted By: jfre81 (6/27/2011 9:52:09 PM)


this could theoretically get reprinted in Standard.

They would have to find an excuse to make sure the next Plane they went to actually experienced a 'Winter'. One drawback that prevents a lot of cards from getting new printings, is that old Set Designers really pushed Earth Geography and Seasons.

And pretty much, Winter doesn't seem to happen anywhere in the Multiverse, and Land Formations that are commonplace on Earth just don't happen in the rest of the Multiverse. I like Alpha and Ice Age a lot because they feel so REAL.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/30/2013 9:34:42 AM)


Awwww, poor Blightsteel Colossus.
Posted By: CigarDan (4/2/2011 12:55:27 AM)


You can also untap it with Tidewater Minion (or the like) to tap 2 creature during a single combat. With a single Ice Floe you can trap a couple of creatures... In this, Ice Floe can be better than Maze of Ith

5/5, sometimes it can be so annoying, but perfect for a control strategy, against an aggro. We need some more weapons to fight aggro/midrange!
Posted By: leomistico (5/27/2013 11:12:20 PM)


@leomistico - Incorrect. You cannot use Ice Floe to tap 2 (or more) creatures. You use Ice Floe to prevent a creature that attacks you from untapping as long as your Ice Floe doesn't untap. If you use Tidewater Minion to untap your Ice Floe, then the creature you had trapped will be released and will untap during it's owners next untap phase. You would only be able to trap one creature. Also, Ice Floe does not stop the attack. When your opponent attacks you, you use Ice Floe to prevent his creature from untapping, but that attacking creature still attacks. You still need to block it or take the damage from it.

@PlagueWielder - How is Ice Floe a poor man's Maze of Ith? They're basically exactly opposite of each other. Maze of Ith untaps attacking creatures and prevents all damage, Ice Floe prevents attacking creatures from untapping and does nothing to prevent damage.
Posted By: Khardiss (12/30/2013 8:56:56 AM)