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Token human works too, and comes in abundance for cheap.
Posted By: Cyberium (4/26/2012 10:58:16 PM)


worked for me at the prerelease. i was never really unhappy to draw it. but in a deck alongside Somberwald Sage and Otherworld Atlas, it never felt like a crucial combo piece, just an additional one with some small uses. with rares i am looking for explosiveness, and this lacks in that department. 3.5/5
Posted By: dontmess17 (4/28/2012 8:56:16 PM)


Hooray more Splinter Twin fodder!
Posted By: pedrodyl (4/27/2012 11:29:43 AM)


Hellooo? Thraben Doomsayer? Where aaare yoouu?

Still, one blue + one colorless is pretty heavy for that...
Posted By: RICKID (5/9/2012 1:44:18 PM)


Its like Merrow Reejerey. Except not.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/26/2012 11:08:36 PM)


Nice card... but why is it a rare?
Posted By: Fenix. (4/27/2012 3:08:24 AM)


If it was one blue mana for its ability, it would be gigadrous on legs. In which case, it would be so much more powerful.

It still is pretty good lockdown, but not much in that regard
Posted By: Wisdomseyes (4/27/2012 12:08:38 PM)


the only thing I didn't like about this card is the extra colorless mana needed to activate its ability. it should be likeniblis of the breath plus its human etb trigger.
Posted By: blizzardspectre (8/6/2012 4:20:05 PM)


Rishadon Midnight Guard. That's reasonable. This card is ridiculously powerful.
Posted By: Hanksingle (5/3/2012 10:42:02 PM)


Time to be that guy. This would be pretty great with Training Grounds.

Training Grounds. It's the new Doubling Season.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (5/3/2012 11:45:20 PM)