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Well, in theory you could use it for lots of things.
- sacrifice it in response to your opponent trying to steal it
- sacrifice it to trigger effects like gravepact or last laugh
- fix mana
- mana acceleration, you can play 6 mana stuff on turn 4
- put it on a soul foundry, pump out a few of these guys and then sac them for some big splashy spell
- somethingsomething something

It's all in all no good card, but it's not horrible either. :)
Posted By: majinara (8/25/2009 7:23:07 AM)


can help unlock a grixis deck pretty fast, but it's no game winner.
Posted By: Ritius (11/15/2009 5:57:26 PM)


i really love the morgue toad hes just so awesome, i mean cmon a toad with a forked tongue and hes not completely useless
Posted By: MasterYsuran (7/9/2009 3:02:12 AM)


I play 2 of these in my grixis deck and they have come in handy for bringing Thrax or Bolas into play several times. "oh, you're all tapped out, i'll fireball you for 9" nuh uh, ill sack my toad and swerve it !:P
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (12/15/2009 10:16:57 AM)


Huh? Other than limited filler is there anything this guy can do? Here's a terri-bad combo...
Enduring Renewal + Bog Initiate + (Stormscapne Familar or Thunderscape Familiar orJet Medallion or Cloud Key) x2 = infinite mana! Of course, you can cut out some of the middle men with Basal Sliver or Basal Thrull...but the glory of killing with the toad is worth it!
Posted By: Hawk_man (12/4/2008 10:10:18 PM)


This card isn't fast, powerful or pleasant, but it has its uses.
Posted By: BegleOne (12/1/2012 7:30:43 PM)