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The art is great but it should be +1/+1 instead.
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (5/12/2010 2:12:12 PM)


Oh wow. At first I was wondering why it wasn't rated higher, then I noticed it was MINUS 1/ plus 1.
I have no idea what R&D is doing sometimes. This was printed in the same block as Spiritmonger.
Posted By: achilleselbow (6/24/2010 3:30:41 PM)


Even less playable since combat damage stopped using the stack in M10.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (6/24/2011 10:18:11 PM)


Nice for Kavu tribal. Also, this guy looks like the Predator.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (8/22/2009 10:05:13 PM)


The picture looks like it could be somewhere in the 6/5 range.

Just compare this to Honor Guard, really. Which is itself bad.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (2/15/2011 10:59:37 PM)


The Kavu were just so terrible overall, except for FTK.
Posted By: oraymw (11/7/2011 9:48:55 AM)


-1/+1 is more indicative of a Beta Kavu.
Posted By: Chazwald1 (11/26/2012 3:03:52 PM)


Not playable in Constructed, definitely, but as HuntingDrake said, at the time it was printed you could stack combat damage and then use the ability to bypass the power loss, so it could easily kill 2/2s (or larger) and survive. Still not Constructed material, but I bet it saw play in Limited.

One thing it can still do: Debuff your opponents' Kavus to save you some damage. Which makes it among the weakest tribe-hosers, but hey, it's something.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/3/2014 2:36:27 AM)


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