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Mutagenic Growth -> Tainted Strike...

Posted By: roguepariah (5/24/2012 2:07:25 PM)


Why are so many people acting like hard removal is the only type out there? This nullifies the majority of any burn or -X/-X card out there and gives you your own shenanigans engine. Giant growth, ranger's guile, artful dodge, any of that and you're hitting a lot harder.

@ AthairBaer: Yes, this effect will stack if you have multiple copies out. And in your particular example, the Groundbreaker would be 24/7 ( the Wild Defiances will resolve first for +6/+6 for 12/7, then the Berserk adds an additional +12/+0. )
Posted By: RedJaron (5/8/2012 2:11:00 PM)


Seems like it would be good with Artful Dodge/Distortion Strike. Red or Green Infect sounds scary, too, what with Uncanny Speed, Rush of Blood, and Assault Strobe just lying around.

In casual, Seething Anger seems REALLY amusing.
Posted By: Ragamander (5/4/2012 3:27:03 AM)



I feel dirty using infect, but I love the idea of comboing this with Livewire Lash - Especially if Soul's Fire is the spell targeting say.... Spikeshot Goblin/Spikeshot Elder/Goblin Gaveleer?
Posted By: wadprime (4/30/2012 6:23:04 PM)


@Trillenium: The 2011 Comprehensive Rules are a bit murky. Although "targets are declared as part of the process of putting the spell or ability on the stack" (rule 114.1), the rules only mention that objects "become a target" during casting (rule 601.2c). This is a little befuddling because "a copy of a spell isn't cast" (rule 706.10). It's likely that 114.1 takes precedence (in which case Wild Defiance also triggers off of copies that are put directly onto the stack), since it makes sense that an object becomes a target when it is declared as such (i.e. when a spell or ability is put onto the stack). And besides, an object that is a target must have become a target at some point; it wasn't a target forever.

In any case, if copies produced by paying replicate costs (e.g. Gigadrowse, Pyromatics) trigger Wild Defiance, as several comments here seem to suggest, then so do the copies produced by Chandra, the Firebrand. So yes... (see all)
Posted By: OneFishTwoFish (12/21/2012 3:51:56 AM)


Looking forward to using with Heroic.
Posted By: Serecin (9/5/2013 7:10:46 PM)


Yes, your opponent can use Instant-speed spot removal to take out your guy in response. On the other hand, they could have done that anyways. Partially negates your opponents' ability to counter your pump spells. All in all, a good card, in the right setting, but not ridiculous, as it seems people expect at Rare.
Posted By: Zhilyekal (5/24/2012 4:13:28 PM)


Turns Leeching Bite into +4/+4 for one of your creatures and +2/+2 for another. You also get the benefit of flexibility since Leeching Bite is decent removal in the current Standard format.
Posted By: Hireling (6/22/2012 11:28:17 AM)


Not a waste at all, really. Here's how it breaks down most of the time:

For your own green or white buff instants and sorceries, an extra +3/+3.
For your blue cards, most effective playing something like Ghostform (sneak through two creatures AND an extra 6 damage), adds a little oomph to other effects you want to grant them.
Against opposing red burn or black -x/-x cards, can help deter them and put a bit of a stopper on them.

Probably a little better outside of limited seeing as flicker effects don't do anything with this, but good all around, IMO.
Posted By: steinburger1109 (5/1/2012 5:08:03 PM)


Everyone seems to be commenting about what happens when opponents target their cards. This card seems more useful for when you target your own cards. It will make your creature huge after you play Prey Upon on it.
Posted By: Zippydip (4/26/2012 10:15:19 PM)


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