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So the girl in the mask says everyone attacks, and it turns into a ballroom blitz?
Posted By: DomaDragoon (7/31/2012 9:20:23 AM)


@myztikrice and @TheBjarke

Actually, you can target a tapped creature with either ability; the creature just won't be able to attack/block if it is unable to do so when attackers/blockers are declared for that turn. So although targeting a creature that already can't attack/block this turn would not do anything on its own, it can be used as an effective way to kill illusions like Phantom Beast or to get around Kira, Great Glass-Spinner's ability, which is what I assume TheBjarke was thinking about.
Posted By: Connectionist (8/14/2012 3:04:06 PM)


i miss "provoke"
Posted By: chainsmoker (7/12/2012 11:58:56 PM)


Such graceful flavor wrapped up in a 2U package! The art, the flavor text, the abilities... So elegant!
Posted By: ThisisSakon (7/5/2012 6:58:28 PM)


Blue and green share shroud, card-draw, flash, and now forced blocking...

Remind me again why they're enemy colors?
Posted By: MisterAction (7/7/2012 1:34:08 AM)


@ MisterAction.

Philosophical reasons. Mechanics aside, blue and green have totally different approaches to "Magic".
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (7/20/2012 6:43:28 PM)


I do like the concept of forcing blocks. It is a green thing but I would say that blue would be second in it.
Posted By: ninjaboy05 (7/6/2012 11:22:53 AM)


Good for blue controll
Posted By: Hivis_of_the_Scale (7/5/2012 5:01:59 PM)


When using this card, can I target enemy tapped creatures during my own turn (trying to force them to attack)?
The reason for doing this would be, if the enemy counters the first ability targeting one of his creatures. I realize that they will not in fact attack, but I want it to count as a targeting ability.
Posted By: TheBjarke (7/30/2012 4:05:20 AM)



No, since they are tapped they are unable to attack and cannot be targeted with Courtly Provocateur's ability. You also can only do one or the other. You can't make one creature attack and another block unless you have two of these out.
Posted By: myztikrice (8/1/2012 3:34:02 PM)


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