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It's nice to see Red-Hot Hottie's still getting modelling work.
Posted By: Grumman (4/27/2012 6:58:08 AM)


One of the best miracles. Welcome back, Wheel of Fortune.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (4/27/2012 1:16:23 PM)


Going right into my Niv-Mizzet EDH deck.

Posted By: RJDroid (4/27/2012 11:37:35 AM)


I'm glad that it's not impossible to hard cast this miracle card.

I mean could you imagine how much it would suck to have a card that cost 5UU in your opening hand?
Posted By: rambocop (7/21/2012 5:59:42 PM)


One of the better miracle cards IMO. Mostly because it can actually be reliably hard cast, due to not having an insane CMC like all the other miracle cards, which rely on their mircale costs to be effective. A buddy of mine uses this in his Dragonstorm deck to great effect.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (10/13/2012 3:42:09 PM)


Hmm, I was thinking... red green aggro with small creatures and pretty much every red or green miracle card, Faithless looting, and noxious revival? You'd dump out your hand with card disadvantage spells that way, but this card could be a great refresher.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/29/2012 5:04:36 PM)


@petersm whatever the ability that is having you draw cards must finish resolving first, but this card must be revealed at the time of drawing it. So, let's use brainstorm as an example, being played on your opponent's turn. You draw reforge first, reveal it before you let it physically touch the other cards in your hand. That allows it's miracle trigger to go on the stack after brainstorm finishes resolving. Personally, I would just leave it on the table as to show it is the same card you drew first. You would then continue to draw the other 2 cards and put 2 back on top. Remember that technically reforge is in your hand zone, so you can put it back on top of you decide that you don't want it. After you finish the brainstorm, reforge trigger is on the stack and should begin to resolve. When it's trigger resolves, you may pay the miracle cost and cast it then.
Posted By: rkturbo (8/17/2012 5:18:39 AM)


This could have been printed without miracle and I would have still pooped my pants in joy.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/26/2012 9:38:42 PM)


Buy these *now* while they are still $3.
It's the best take on Wheel of Fortune since the original.

And like Devastation Tide, it's one of the only Miracle spells worth hardcasting-
Miracle is just icing on the cake.
Posted By: drpvfx (4/26/2012 5:48:19 PM)


I like how Red got the best miracles over all.
Posted By: .Blaze. (4/26/2012 4:19:37 PM)


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