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Costs still too much. Dies too easily to any direct damage spell, -x/-x spell or destroy effect. Also doesn't even fly, although the picture suggests that.
Fog Bank is the "fixed" version of this card.
Posted By: majinara (2/5/2009 2:29:43 PM)


Yes, Fog Bank is this card twenty times over. It makes this card totally useless- er, I mean, more totally useless.
Posted By: Weretarrasque (9/25/2009 4:16:34 AM)


This is the first version before fog bank replace it and improve on it in every ways
Posted By: Jodah (7/31/2009 4:42:03 AM)


Andrew's Occasional Random Card of the Day #8 - 7/4/2011 - Wall of Vapor

Compare to Darksteel Myr.

Well, Wall of Vapor is better against infect and wither creatures! Since they deal their damage in the form of -1/-1 counters, but damage to the Wall is prevented, it's safe. Darksteel Myr doesn't have that luxury. The Myr is a mana cheaper, though, and colorless.

Anyway, it's kind of silly to compare the power level of newer and older cards. Wall of Vapors, while I've never seen it played, I'm sure has nostalgia for some people. A local player in my casual playgroup had a deck built around walls, full of the glyphs. I don't know that he had this particular one, but it seems like it would have been a good fit, right down to the old card frame and Legends expansion symbol. Also, come on! This thing could block a Craw Wurm all day! That had to have counted for something.

If ... (see all)
Posted By: fissionessence (7/3/2011 9:42:56 PM)


Derp's Random Card of the Hurrr (i.e. copying the random cards selected by the actual R&D members in a lame and underwhelming way)

And he's only commented on TWO CARDS. Occasional? I call boolsheet!
Posted By: Goatllama (5/29/2012 7:29:45 AM)


Fog Banks retarded child, even Storm Crow laughs over this wall
Posted By: Buderus (6/5/2012 4:48:08 PM)


Fog Bankisbetter obviously, though I wouldn't say strictly so, and not in too obscure of a way at least.

That reason being FB reads as "prevent all damage dealt to and by" while this only reads "prevent all damage dealt to". So, theoretically, one could equip or pump this and it would actually be able to kill off attackers.

Still kind of a stretch I realize, but I know in Duels of the Planewalkers I've been sitting on a 5/7 Fog Bank before and wishing it didn't have the "dealt by" clause.
Posted By: Yukikah (6/11/2013 3:20:45 PM)


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