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Braid_of_Fire's Card of the Day #5

A win-more card for the mono-green or 10-land stompy decks, and a difficult cut for my 450 cube.

The idea that you're ahead on life in a deck with 30+ one-drops and a bunch of Giant Growth effects is not unreasonable, but the moment that the game swings out of your favor, you lose. I'd much rather see this kind of effect in Black, which is less concerned about loyalty as Green is.

I really dislike how Chronicles retained the original set's set symbol. As the set that created such a controversy that WotC began the Reserved List, I can empathize with the way people were so offended. Though an overreaction on both the sides of the players and Wizards with unfortunate impact on the future of Magic, there was at least justification for the emotions surrounding the Reserved List's creation.

Back to the Ogre, I very much wish he were black, or that Planar Chaos had a black version. The same goes for his friend and... (see all)
Posted By: Palochka (9/10/2012 12:01:25 PM)


Lifegain, my nemesis, must you strike in green?! At least that doesn't really make it worth using.
Posted By: Weretarrasque (10/14/2009 7:36:38 AM)