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Best part is is that is replaces itself!
Posted By: SgtSwaggr (7/5/2012 4:56:37 PM)


The card draw is just icing on the delicious hate-cake that this is. Between this and Scavenging Ooze in Legacy, Green is muscling in on graveyard obstruction. And enchantments are trickier to remove than creatures.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (7/5/2012 5:19:34 PM)


Indeed. Why wasn't this in M12 dammit, it would have been a great answer to the clearly OP snapcaster
Posted By: pedrodyl (7/5/2012 3:56:46 PM)


Is it just me, or are those runes in the art reminiscent of Runic Repetition?
Posted By: Totema (7/6/2012 12:56:08 AM)


wow, this will see just about every green sideboard in standard, assuming they don't use Tormod's Crypt the only problem i have with this is b/c it can be removed (unlike Tormod's Crypt most of the time) and this doesn't hose flashback
Posted By: KnexWiz (7/5/2012 5:21:40 PM)


This doesn't hose flashback which means you get to use it as anti-reanimator tech in your flashback deck unlike Grafdigger's Cage.
Posted By: lorendorky (7/6/2012 2:45:00 PM)


*** you Deathrite Shaman.
Posted By: MRK1 (5/14/2013 10:49:38 AM)


Suck my **** Snapcaster.
Posted By: Deco_y (7/5/2012 3:51:36 PM)


yyyyep. This + Tormod's Crypt were clearly put in because Grafdigger's Cage wasn't enough. OR...because Wizards is going to 'Metalcraft' our old friend Dredge into something new and less broken, but callbacky and scaryLOOKing, if not actually something to be afraid of?
Posted By: DarthParallax (7/5/2012 10:56:24 PM)


I'm in a casual playgroup. I'm the one who uses the most graveyard tricks in the group (and that, by far). I'm the one who pulled this when we bought boosters together.
Am I supposed to be happy they didn't pull this? Or is this some sort of irony? :D
Posted By: Dabok (7/27/2012 5:55:56 AM)


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