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"We will defend the Standard from
Snapcaster "progress" at any cost."
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/29/2012 9:52:43 AM)


Awesome art. I would totally use this but it would spoil my Lingering Souls!
Posted By: 1337vanguard (9/27/2012 8:45:53 AM)


Shrinkifies all-star Tarmogoyf, kills flashback, legacy dredge with Dread Return, you name it. There's like no reason not to play this card.
Blistercoil Weird
Dryad Militant
Judge's Familiar
Rakdos Cackler
Posted By: steev (9/26/2012 4:21:43 PM)


I've gotta say, the Snapcaster hate in this set is not very subtle. I'm going through the set alphabetically and this is the third one I've seen, and the second that only costs one mana.
Posted By: LordRandomness (9/27/2012 5:28:58 AM)


Savannah Lions stapled to a pseudo Leyline of the Void? Holy f***.

It's damn good sideboard card in maindeck form.
Posted By: ElvisPriestley (10/1/2012 3:39:30 PM)


night night Runechanter's Pike it was nice knowing you. epic for a 1 mana drop
Posted By: pipsim (9/25/2012 5:27:59 PM)


This is so evil, not only it hosts popular Snapcaster decks, it doesn't affect anything else, allow equipment/aura such as Rancor and Angelic Destiny to recur freely.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/25/2012 7:46:31 PM)


One of the best cards in set. From Savannah Lions, through Elite Vanguard, to this. Power is still creeping!
Posted By: True_Mumin (10/3/2012 5:13:53 AM)


They did not anticipate Delver being so great and popular in the format. Since sets are finalized long before they are released, they couldn't react to it quick enough. I assume they knew how powerful Snapcaster was going to be.
Posted By: Numbahz (10/3/2012 4:39:14 PM)


The first 2 power 1 drop green critter without a drawback. Madness.
Posted By: SilentOppressor (8/3/2013 6:55:47 PM)