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@ saucyninja007

Suprisingly bad? do you understand what this card does? you don't use this to dig through your library you use it to perfect your hand and to get to choose what to draw over the next two turns, giving you a free card in hand to replace itself - excellent card advantage, also allowing for the desired triggering of Delver of Secrets, or any miracle, which can usually result in complete victory. Just because you don't know how to run a card does not make it "bad" by any means, it just reflects your skills as a player.
Posted By: Osprey_93 (12/14/2012 10:08:06 PM)


Why is this in the Izzet deck rather than Ponder / Preordain?

It's simple, actually. With Niv-Mizzet out, this becomes a Lava Spike.

I'm really curious why Curiosity wasn't included into the Izzet deck, though...
Posted By: Ferlord (9/9/2012 9:37:23 AM)


Card advantage? No. Try game manipulation. There's a reason this, Ponder, and Preordain are rated quite highly.
Posted By: humor_love (9/19/2012 10:28:00 PM)


Finally this card gets the art it deserves.
Posted By: brockdjwest (12/18/2012 9:47:02 AM)



If you're not new, then this is really not the game for you...
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (12/29/2012 4:12:41 AM)


This card has quietly become one of the absolute best in the history of Magic.

It was strong library manipulation before combo. It was strong library manipulation and a combo deck enabler before it worked like BUTTER with the sac-lands, it was strong library manipulation, a combo deck enabler AND worked like butter with sac-lands before it synergized with Countertop. It was library manipulation, a combo deck enabler, worked like butter with sac lands AND synergized with Countertop BEFORE IT BECAME A NEARLY BROKEN BEAST-MACHINE WITH MIRACLE.

Now, to be honest, it might have passed counterspell as the most staple blue card in the history of the game. And is clearly already the most played.

All for a little Ice Age common. Amazing.
Posted By: EGarrett01 (2/7/2013 3:47:03 PM)


This cards rating is higher than JTMS's WTF? but anyway, I've gotten screwed by this card against the new duel deck(I got golgari and a buddy of mine took izzet) Boy how annoying this gets when you use any multiplying card... -_-
Posted By: Xineombine (9/23/2012 7:09:18 PM)


Snapcaster + This + Miracles = 0____0

Posted By: Demonic_Professor (12/27/2012 1:46:15 PM)


I love seeing this at 5 stars. The only downside I can see to this card is that it costs U.

(that's a joke, btw)
Posted By: BastianQoU (9/7/2012 9:40:29 AM)


Story-related art in a story-related deck, even though this card won't be part of that block or legal in related formats.
I couldn't imagine a better realization of a reprint for a card from a Duel Decks series, very cool!

Her appearance seems to be inspired or even a hommage to the Mercadian Masques art, although i might be wrong with that. It's probably just the blue-ish hair.

Also, 5.00/5 with 20 votes as of now. Go Brainstorm!
Posted By: Mode (9/8/2012 3:57:57 PM)