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@Raksha Golden Cub: Squee, Goblin Nabob, Ertai, Wizard Adept, Crovax the Cursed, Selinia, Dark Angel, Karn, Silver Golem, Takara En-Dal, The Blind Seer.

Also, not crew members but closely affiliated are Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, Eladamri, Lord of Leaves, Liin Sivvi, Defiant Hero, Starke of Rath, Oracle En-Vec, and Multani, Maro-Sorcerer.
Posted By: RJ.693 (1/31/2011 8:26:42 PM)


How many Weatherlight crew members are there besides Mirri, Cat Warrior, Freyalise, Gerrard Capashen, Tahngarth, Talruum Hero, Captain Sisay and Hanna, Ship's Navigator?
Posted By: RakshaGoldenCub (12/26/2010 1:59:47 PM)


This card needs justice. It desrves better considering how important it is in the books and in magic in general.
Posted By: Silverware (10/15/2009 12:55:30 AM)


They wouldn't reprint the weatherlight as a planeswalker since technically Karn was a component of the weatherlight and he absorbed the spark completely when the weatherlight was destroyed. So if anything gets reprinted as a planeswalker, its Karn .... which we all know is going to happen eventually.
Posted By: OutlawD1 (10/18/2009 9:51:42 AM)


isnt this a planeswalking ship in the books?

wouldnt this make a kick ass planeswalker, no idea what its cost would be, colorless planeswalker? or WUBRG?

either way, it wouldnt be the first card to be reprinted in planeswalker epicness, thank you nicol bolas, you may go back to plotting now
Posted By: Dingo777 (10/2/2009 10:25:29 PM)


it would be cool as a planeswalker, ill say that
Posted By: darkfury (1/7/2010 6:50:46 PM)


This card isn't so bad by itself, if you have the mana to use it.
Posted By: nammertime (12/1/2009 1:44:36 PM)


This card deserves a better rating. It's amazing for setting up combos. Just exile all the cards of that combo, put them into your hand one by one then your all set for your instant win combo.
Posted By: Polkovnik_Skyfox (6/29/2010 4:45:52 PM)


Didn't one of the more recent comics say something about Venser making a ship or something that could help non neo walkers planeswalk? And isn't he from Urborg? And didn't the Weatherlight maim Yawgmoth's face at Urborg? Hmmmm....
Posted By: JanusAurelius (10/13/2010 7:55:31 PM)


I've never read the books so I have nothing to add on that subject, but I can say, this is the colorless combo enabler. Damn, even just getting rid of ten cards, you can increase your odds significantly.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (1/26/2011 5:07:40 PM)


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