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Not entirely true. It deals well with indestructible creatures, and is not limited to enchanting only black creatures. It's a very cheap way to deal with high level creatures, mostly because it puts -1/-1 counters on the creature and is not an "until end of turn" effect.
Posted By: Londemonium (7/26/2010 4:09:18 PM)


Excellent flavor text, too.
Posted By: TheHandyman (1/28/2011 10:30:01 AM)


It took until Shadowmoor for this to be useful for anything more then dealing with low toughness black creatures.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/13/2010 4:30:32 AM)


I choose you target creature!
Posted By: Androx (8/29/2012 10:29:12 AM)


I was shocked back in the day when they printed this. At the time Christian groups were complaining about M:tG being an evil and Satanic game. So I guess they wanted to... prove them right. I wonder what Amnesty International would have to say about a game where you slowly torture little innocent creatures to death who were possibly summoned to do battle against their will.

Rating in terms of power and playability: 3.5/5

Rating in terms of asthetics and character (of the game and its designers)
Posted By: DrJack (9/13/2013 5:24:52 PM)


The comment referring to dealing with black creatures is about the fact that cards like Doom Blade and Terror exist. Against everything but indestructible creatures and black creatures Doom Blade is infinitely superior, costing just two mana to kill a creature of any size at instant speed, compared to this which takes 3 mana, with the initial casting being at sorcery speed, just to kill an x/1. The fact that this kills indestructible creatures does not justify using it over much, much better removal options.
Posted By: Henrietta (7/23/2011 1:53:49 PM)


This has all sorts of uses. You can kill a big creature, you can tinker with creatures with -1/-1 abilities. Fulrath Knight loves this card. There's just many uses outside of just killing a creature.
Posted By: wholelottalove (3/13/2013 6:58:44 AM)


Slight synergy with undying...
Posted By: gut.gemacht (7/11/2013 12:01:00 PM)


Is that a cozy little Ashnod's Altar?
Posted By: Kirbster (3/5/2014 10:06:49 AM)


Posted By: car2n (3/26/2014 9:25:35 PM)


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