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In homelands?
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/10/2010 4:52:13 PM)


This is the best card in Homelands, and it's a common card...
Posted By: HippyRei (9/2/2010 10:04:50 PM)


This is actually the highest rated card in Homelands.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (1/14/2011 5:03:54 PM)


This is very good for a common. Useful in Peasant format. I wish it could find Sorcery spells also.
Posted By: lothrazar (10/22/2009 10:00:53 PM)


Got restricted in Vintage. Two mana for a search spell that puts the card in your hand is excellent (except for land search, where two mana is standard).
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/6/2010 6:45:03 AM)


Proving once again that no matter how useless a set may be, if you print a tutor card, it will see play.
Posted By: Radagast (11/4/2011 11:22:46 AM)


The best card in Homelands is... a card that can search you up a non-Homelands card. Somehow, I'm not surprised.
Posted By: Aquillion (5/17/2013 7:31:44 PM)


@ aboblyndsae

You probably didn't get any because it's not actually as common as other commons. It was effectively an uncommon card. Gatherer has it wrong.

Homelands had 8-card booster packs, with 6 cards from one 121-card (C) sheet, and 2 card from the other 121-card (U) sheet. The C-sheet had 50 C2 cards and 21 C1 cards on it, which just means those cards appeared on the sheet 2 or 1 times each. (50x2 + 21 = 121) Merchant Scroll was one of the C1 cards. The U-sheet had 25 U3s and 46 U1s. (25*3 + 46 = 121)

A C1 card appeared once on the C-sheet, so had a 1/121 chance of appearing for each C-card included in the booster. Because of the 6-2 breakdown, (6 C-cards & 2 U-cards) this means that a C1 like Merchant Scroll had a 4.96% of appearing per booster. (1/121 * 6 = 0.0496) U3s, which are widely accepted as uncommons, had that exact same chance. (3/121 * 2 = 0.0496)
Posted By: BetweenWalls (11/27/2013 11:15:57 AM)


best card in Homelands
Posted By: NeverendingDream (6/23/2010 3:10:19 AM)


Yes this is and will be, because it's so broken that it's banned in one format and restricted in another.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/29/2011 10:21:40 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!