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What does this card do? It hates on fliers, but isn't worthless on non-fliers. It isn't great at any specific task, but it has versatility. I agree that this card is unplayable in most competitive games. We are so used to power creep, when we pay four mana, the creature needs to be dead or we say the card is over-costed. However, back in Homelands, this card was not only appropriately costed, but it was an appropriate rarity, too. Here's why:

This card is GREEN removal that targets ANY creature and additionally HATES ON FLIERS!

In the old days, green didn't really disable creatures without flying. I did a gatherer search including all green cards printed before and up to Alliances, and here's your options: Desert Twister or Tornado (if you wanted the versatility to kill any creature), otherwise you could use a card like Roots (disables a non-flier) or Snowblind (disables any creature, but def... (see all)
Posted By: LordZogar (3/30/2012 7:33:34 AM)


As terrible as this is, it was one of few ways green had to "remove" a creature (sort of) for its time. Oh, wait - there was Roots from the same set. Nevermind!
Posted By: Radagast (11/4/2011 11:21:01 AM)


This card removes the two biggest challenges to killing a Baneslayer Angel. Fortunately Plummet cuts out the middle man.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/17/2010 1:17:30 AM)


Oh Homelands... you're cute like the kid no one will play with because he's retarded. Still cute though.
Posted By: Kazabet (9/30/2010 9:43:39 AM)


This card sucks.
I'd rather Wing Snare the flyer.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (12/29/2009 8:41:42 PM)


interesting but very drawn out
Posted By: Shinigami2099 (9/12/2010 3:39:04 PM)


On the other hand, you can use this on a non-flyer. Just sayin.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/30/2010 7:48:44 AM)


So.... Enchanted creature loses flying and has Last Strike? Sure. Why not.
Posted By: Andon_A (4/20/2011 9:12:37 PM)


While it is overpriced and way over-"raritied", pound for pound not terrible. Still... I don't look forward to seeing it reprinted, but the more recent entangling flavor from M10 definitely lines up with this.
Posted By: HedgeIII (5/29/2010 8:01:15 PM)


Wow, ANOTHER one where they completely screwed up the casting cost. This thing should cost 1 mana and even then would only be MARGINALLY useful. (0.5/5)
Posted By: kowrip (8/31/2010 12:29:06 PM)