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I think this guy is good, hes a 1/1 beatstick, can chump block, can Rampant Growth at instant speed and counts as muscle burst, for a common, thats alot of things.
Posted By: Durnzans (5/23/2011 7:54:22 PM)


This card is an insanely good BLT (Basic land tutor/bacon lettuce tomato,) almost sharing power level with Sakura-Tribe Elder.

I also love obscure references.
Posted By: greenzero (10/17/2011 3:00:37 PM)


Combos with... um... hang on, I had something... what was I...

Nope. Lost it.
Posted By: MisterAction (7/1/2012 1:47:43 PM)


What a strange mechanic. This guy must be dedicated to his job - he has to die to do it!
Posted By: Equinox523 (8/2/2011 9:27:40 AM)


Big pile of goodies. He's a decent chump who can chump and Rampant Growth at once (And during an opponents turn for Landfall), and while he's in the graveyard he can...fuel Muscle Burst? Huh.

In any event, great for Threshold, great for ramping, great for abuse with Wild Mongrel, just a great card all around. Way better than any common has a right to be.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/1/2012 8:05:35 AM)


Wild Mongrel feeder for stronger Muscle Bursts late game
Posted By: DespisedIcon (8/19/2010 11:53:34 AM)


Sucks that you have to pay for the sac ability. When is green ever going to want to hold back in the early game?
Posted By: Laguz (4/19/2010 8:29:42 PM)


Combos with Muscle Burst
Posted By: Ajani_is_da_man (3/21/2010 6:01:29 PM)


So, this druid is the Hulk?
Posted By: Vizzerdrix80 (2/28/2010 10:30:37 PM)



"hes a 1/1 beatstick" - ahahaha i have never heard of such a thing!
Posted By: Lord.Gold (9/13/2012 4:53:26 PM)


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