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A sad victim of power creep, but still fun.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/8/2010 3:12:54 PM)


You obviously never played against these in Standard. A 3/3 on turn 3 followed by another 3/3 on turn four can spell a quick doom for the opponent. Not to mention that the deck using it will probably be running elves or birds and get this out a turn faster.
Posted By: person1234 (9/5/2009 9:56:31 PM)


Person1234 is definitely not joking. I once went to the local shop for a small turnny and like 6 or 7 people where going on a deck based on Birds of Paradise and/or Llanowar Elves + Call of the Heard + Overrun. I once seen a guy get two birds on turn 1, then a 3/3 Elephant on turn two. By turn five you most definitely will be Overrun then.
Posted By: John-Bender (11/20/2009 5:49:06 PM)


well, its not that impossible to cast two birds on turn one - Chrome mox usually helps (Or any other mox, or gemstone caverns). Not that it would happen often, but its not impossible.
Posted By: Mightyass (11/29/2010 8:14:31 AM)


It's Nellie the Elephant in card form!
Posted By: Mephastopheles (7/4/2010 7:53:27 AM)


A pretty good card, I like the flashback ability. I still gotta ask, why did they make this card if they already had Elephant Ambush?
Posted By: Demoncollecter (12/11/2010 11:14:09 AM)


I really doesn't understand this card, there is so many better cards nowdays.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/19/2009 9:17:55 AM)


Not quite powerful enough to be rare in my opnion
Posted By: nubiop (2/9/2009 11:37:34 AM)


"I once seen a guy get two birds on turn 1, then a 3/3 Elephant on turn two." Oh really? Let me guess, He played a forest, tapped it, played the first bird, pulled out his Sharpie and wrote haste on it, then tapped it to bring out the other. You don't have to lie to say people get them out on turn 2. That can be done by playing T1- Forest, Llanowar Elves/Birds of Paradise. T2- Forest, Call of the Herd.

This is card advantage and it's a 3/3 for 3cmc. It's a great card and I always consider it for my green decks until I think of Leatherback Baloth.

I wasn't saying it's impossible. I was saying that I don't believe their story. Having a Mox would negate the need for the 2nd Bird.
Posted By: Eved (8/20/2012 7:45:57 AM)


Somehow training armodons actually made them worse. 1 3/3 Elephant plus another later vs a 3/3 Trained Armodon with more specific mana cost. But the Armodon is a creature so it isn't technically strictly worse.
Posted By: NuckChorris (7/18/2011 8:10:38 AM)


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