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"Ach! Hans, Run! It's the...um...
-Saffi Eriksdotter, last words
Posted By: frommerman (10/29/2010 5:07:56 PM)


okay, a pet peeve is paying mana for a conditional ability, but paying mana for a DRAWBACK!?
Posted By: Kindulas (11/16/2010 8:24:50 PM)


Odyssey had some cool mechanics... but man, did it have a ton of crap rares.
Posted By: wstonefi (5/12/2012 5:23:29 PM)


Sounds like Norin became a nomad sentry after surviving the apocalypse.
Posted By: kazenpaus (11/2/2012 5:04:51 PM)


Don't worry, Cursed Monstrosity, I certainly love you more than I love this Swamp. Forget even trying to summon anything better than you, you're my allstar and I'll do everything I can to keep YOU around! Must destroy more Swamps! NO ONE CAN HAVE MY MOLE! *** ALL THE OTHER GUYS IN MY HAND, THIS MOLE IS MY LIFE!
Posted By: Dolorosa (1/12/2012 9:25:58 AM)


Mole Demon?
Mold demon?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/15/2011 3:53:21 PM)


Ludicrous. Everything about it. Ludicrous.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/16/2010 1:10:09 AM)


Thing is, I looked at all the other black fliers that cost {4}{B}. None of them are all that good either. Lots of good fliers at {3}{B}{B}, but {4}{B} seems to be a black hole of pitiful creatures. So by comparison, Cursed Monstrosity really isn't that bad.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (11/25/2012 10:58:23 AM)


It's clearly a mole of some kind.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (3/23/2010 5:40:47 PM)


Pretty cute winged walrus thing. Horrible card. Horrorible.
Posted By: CatsAreCthala (12/5/2009 9:39:52 PM)


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