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Moratorium Stone is almost always better than this, but this can go in my mono-green EDH alongside night soil.

3.5 stars.


This thing, is colorless, repeating, TARGETING, graveyard removal.

The first ability on relic of progenitus, scrabbling claws, and phyrexian furnace all repeat, but they don't target the threat you want gone.
The second abilities on the phyrexian furnace and the scrabbling claws, target, but you can only use them once.
Relic's second ability hits all graveyards, but you can only use it once.

I'm not saying the others are bad, but they sure as heck aren't necessarily better than the steam claw either. They have different roles.

If I want mass removal, I'll go for the relic, bojuka bog, and/or Tormod's Crypt. If I don't care what gets removed, I'll play the furnace (and the scrabbling claws for redundancy).
Posted By: Flyheight (7/25/2010 6:09:49 PM)


I love the flavor of this card, it's like this big ass chopper thing is tearing apart my poor zombies into so many pieces I can no longer put them back together again.
turns reassembling skeleton into bonemeal.
Posted By: supershawn (3/4/2011 12:58:49 PM)


This card has a flavor disconnect in that it has no direct offensive application. What's stopping me from driving this over my opponent?
Posted By: metalevolence (8/23/2011 10:10:41 AM)


gotta love the flavor text
Posted By: JPRaptor (10/6/2009 8:49:56 PM)


Effectively worse than Phyrexian Furnace,
strictly worse than Scrabbling Claws,
and again effectively worse than Relic of Progenitus.

Conclusion: You'll either want to run the Claws, or - since you're using this card as graveyard hate most of the time anyways - the Relic instead.
Posted By: Mode (12/18/2009 7:34:25 AM)


The Trauma - Chapter 1

Through the mists, a tower emerged at last.
The quest was over.
They had found the Weatherlight.

Tessira, the young elf archer, lead the group like a wolf. Her arms swaying casually as they approoched the tower. Henmir, the Aethermage, hung loosely at the back, while Nemira Sengir, the last of the Sengir Vampire Family, hung in the middle.

"The Utopia Crystal must be here" whispered Merrar, a brave yet scrawney Kithkin, "Just up ahead" said Tessira." The Aethermage did nothing but continue to aimlessly sculpt the same piece of Darksteel over and over.

"We're here!" cried Nemira!

"Stop!" shouted a high-pitched noise through the fog.

"Who's there!" shouted Merrar.

Check in for chapter two here; at the Weatherlight
Posted By: ninjaman98 (4/13/2011 12:14:00 PM)


Targeted Colorless graveyard removal for EDH. Not amazing, but better than Heap Doll
Posted By: Shoe2 (1/27/2012 10:41:31 AM)


Probably too costly for targeted graveyard hate, even if it is colorless...
Posted By: BlakeHN (2/4/2012 10:45:46 PM)


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