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Playing against this with tribal is a nightmare.
Posted By: Silverware (10/21/2009 10:00:43 PM)


Now you too can shut down your friend's Tribal Weird Deck!
Pretty good really. Costs a bit much for anti-tribal, but it is global, and it is RED of all colors.
Posted By: Atmos (3/4/2010 2:20:20 PM)


Kryptnyt slivers can easily destroy it they have Harmonic Sliver.
Posted By: dragonking987 (11/17/2010 2:53:45 PM)


"best card in the set."

I'd stick that title on the card that's restricted in Vintage. Merchant Scroll.

"Since when the hell did red get control like this?"

Since Alpha: Smoke, Raging River. It was even preceeded, two sets earlier, by Mudslide.
Posted By: scumbling1 (5/29/2011 9:04:16 AM)


Ah yes, the red lockdown card that my friends banned along with kismet.
Posted By: Arthindole (8/6/2010 1:55:21 PM)


I don't think it's purely an anti-tribal card. White or blue auras that stop a creature normally cost 3 or 4 mana. This costs four, and does not have the drawback of an aura. Unlike those cards, it can also stop several creatures at once, or those that come into play after this card has been played. I wouldn't put it in 1vs1 decks, but I like to have it in multiplayer decks.
About the guy who said that this is the best homelands card: no it's not. Yes, Homelands got a lot of bad cards. But it also got some of tournament quality, and many cards that do an awesome job in casual decks, and which I have in quite a number of decks myself.
Posted By: majinara (12/18/2010 9:26:33 AM)


Similar to Primal Order, this card has gotten much, much stronger in recent years. Especially nasty against Goblins and Vampires, which aren't that well known for enchantment removal.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/4/2012 11:56:11 PM)


Ever since the re-organization of creature subtypes, this has become a very good card. Not much good came out of homelands, and what did is usually underpowered by today's standards. Worth noting.
Posted By: longwinded (7/11/2010 11:37:16 PM)


OMG a playable Homelands card!
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (2/9/2010 6:45:39 PM)


Its not hard to be the best card in a set like Homelands XD
Posted By: NeoSin (4/10/2010 3:41:26 PM)


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