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I run 3 in my burn deck in legacy. It's helped out pretty often before, since by the time I reach threshold I'll have done 16.6 points of damage, on average, assuming that my opponent hasn't taken damage from a Browbeat or I've managed to kick a Burst Lightning, other things being equal. While it can be instrumental in reaching the mystical 20, it can also be a real hindrance if I've got one or two Fireblast in hand and not enough mountains. Fireblast can actually be useful in reaching threshold, since if your opponent is on 5-6, you can use a Fireblast and then reach threshold so you can deal the final 1-2 with barbarian ring.
Posted By: thedarkheathen (8/25/2010 11:53:06 AM)


This card is awesome in the Legacy "38 Land" deck, where you can play lands from your graveyard with Crucible of Worlds or Life from the Loam. If you can play it from your graveyard, this card is a reusable Shock, which gives great card advantage and helps break through stall wards.
Posted By: drunyon (5/28/2010 7:04:01 PM)


My Sligh deck has a high amount of burn and creatures like Mogg Fanatic and Keldon Marauders, so I reach threshold about when I run out of gas, and this helps me finish the job.
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (12/29/2010 2:57:33 PM)


Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/28/2011 4:07:40 PM)


Cards like Needle Drop, Manamorphose, Electrolyze, and Gitaxian Probe help you reach threshold.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/6/2011 11:13:11 PM)


By today's standard, this card may be a little lacking. Back in the old days though, colorless damage that CANNOT be countered was huge, especially as someone put it, a deck that uses a lot of burn spells will reach that thershold fast enough to not be a drawback, let alone worrying about the loss of life on tap.
Posted By: Cyberium (6/17/2010 9:26:12 AM)


No comments on Barbarian Ring ? oh come on, it's a great card.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/19/2009 8:30:21 AM)


But zk3, you have that backwards! You silly. Decks that kill fast still use a lot of cards. Imagine any number of kiln fiend combos. They usually hit for 12-28 damage turn3-4 but they cost a card (kiln fiend) and then usually 2-3 buff cards. That right there can be half of threshold!

Keldon Marauders, Spark Elemental, Hellspark Elemental, Ball Lightning, most Burn cards, buffs, sandstone needle (awesome for this kind of thing IMO), all of these go away quickly and are considered fairly efficient and if you kill your opponent, great! But there will still be times that you'll need that last couple damage, or you're getting too many lands, or blah blah, and thus an extra couple shock that also work as lands (that don't come into play tapped mind you) are pretty spiff.
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/13/2011 10:01:04 PM)


Decks that work fast enough to not care about life-loss probably can't reach threshold.
Posted By: zk3 (11/21/2009 6:24:55 PM)