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So, lets cast Steal Enchantment on something. Your opponent casts their own steal enchantment on your steal enchantment. You cast Aura Graft on your steal enchantment to enchant their steal enchantment.
Posted By: RuscoJames (10/31/2011 12:44:37 PM)


"Nobody plays auras..."

Angelic Destiny and Rancor would like to have a word with you...

Also, you could steal your opponent's Treachery or Enslave- you get your creature back and get to steal one of theirs!
Posted By: Ideatog (10/15/2012 9:38:41 PM)


Well, stealing enchantments is not the best thing in MTG.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/19/2009 8:13:57 AM)


Pretty useless. It only affects Auras, which are rarely played to begin with. This card needs an Aura-focused block to be worthwhile. It's not worth having in your deck to steal an opponent's Eldrazi Con***ion one game in 30.
Posted By: VampireCat (1/4/2011 8:55:56 AM)


Could be pretty slick, but nobody really plays Auras.

If they did, though, you'd be set with this guy. Why bother counterspelling when you can (sort of) steal? Feels very red.
Posted By: Verdande (3/22/2012 9:54:41 PM)


Wow, took me a few times to read.
Posted By: Thomas_204 (10/13/2011 6:35:57 PM)


Odyssey was a great set. Some of the worst cards in the game, as well as some of the most fun and inventive cards.
Posted By: car2n (2/19/2014 5:52:29 PM)


Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey to Nyx say Hi
Posted By: Zeth4 (4/6/2014 1:44:36 PM)