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A boss in multi-player, but be prepared to take ALL the hate if she resolves.
Posted By: Pinsir52 (10/7/2010 6:25:51 PM)


I don't know why in all the flavor texts of other cards of the set she appears as Braids, dementia summoner or master, but here she's called cabal minion ... Though Eric did a good jobs, come on, look at her, she really looks demented.


I am doing a harry potter deck replacing each card with an alternate art, when I thought wich card could bellatrix be, her wicked face appered.
Posted By: Teotanek (2/6/2012 11:08:50 PM)



The blue one was from Planar Chaos. That set had a theme of alternate realities. In one of those realities, she did not become a minion of the Cabal.


Because she is a minion of the Cabal, and minions of the Cabal are often also dementia summoners. Like Chainer, Dementia Master
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (2/8/2012 9:41:56 PM)


Useful with Gibbering Descent if you are playing with an empty hand.
Posted By: JackFlint (1/14/2012 4:49:54 AM)


use her with Savra, Queen of the Golgari and sacrafice a black creature. Then your opponents are sacraficing creatures on your turn as well.
Posted By: tdogg46142 (2/24/2012 8:19:07 PM)


Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Minnesota's 6th congressional district representative!
Posted By: matunos (4/21/2012 3:13:33 PM)


Here is the current banned list for EDH (look under Deck Construction). http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php

As stated before, she is banned in EDH as a general because she starts cleaning the board too early; permanently with the right support.
Posted By: Bandswithother (5/9/2012 7:38:54 AM)


"how come this is banned in EDH?"

It was far too easy to rush out an early Braids, along with a recurring permanent or resource, using all the fast mana available to black. EDH decks are generally focused on playing the long game, with higher CMC spells than you'd see in other formats. They just weren't equipped to deal with breaking a lock in the first few turns. Plus, EDH is a casual format, where players tend to frown upon such styles of play (at least the players who aren't sociopaths).
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/7/2011 3:32:46 PM)


Not as bad as she seems @ first glance. If you are running a token generator u have a very powerful tool to demolish their side of the board.
Posted By: 4wallz (11/20/2009 12:14:11 PM)


awakening zone
Posted By: Sironos (12/4/2010 8:50:24 AM)


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