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It's always fun to see a red counterspell. Mages' Contest was great (fun), too.

@ZEvilMustache: If by "forced" you mean "forced choice," then yes, the cycle felt forced.
Posted By: Ragamander (3/31/2011 1:57:49 AM)


It's bad for the same reasons as dash hopes.

This is like a burn spell, that will never kill a player. When a player is at four life or something, they will let you just counter the spell. Any other burn spell might kill them, but this one won't.

And it's like a counterspell, that will never counter their really important spells. The oppponent is about the assemble his winning combo in some combo deck? What does he care about being dealt four damage? If the spell resolves, he wins.

It also doesn't fit into any strategy except "random junk deck". In a burn or aggro deck, you don't want to keep mana open to wait for an opponent to maybe play an instant or sorcery that is important enough to have your opponent be dealt four damage. And in a control deck, you want to be able to control what your opponent is doing. This won't let you do that.

It's like a lightning bolt, that deals 1 more damage, but can't kill creatures, can't kill players, can only be played in response to instants and... (see all)
Posted By: majinara (9/24/2012 10:20:14 PM)


@Drewsel: "The fatal flaw in every plan is the assumption that you know more than your enemy"
-flavor text from Mana Leak
Posted By: ZestuXIII (1/9/2012 9:21:47 AM)


Very nice to see red counterspells.
Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (8/22/2009 9:09:58 PM)


Very fun spell, would be amazing if a card with a similar effect were made that was UR maybe do 3 damage so it could be made uncommon or common.
Posted By: JacksJokeShop (8/3/2009 12:54:07 PM)


Haters gonna hate. This card is awesome. It will always work no matter what, because your opponent is never smarter than you.
Posted By: Drewsel (6/5/2011 8:58:09 AM)


reminds me of dash hopes
Posted By: Tobinator (3/2/2010 7:52:00 AM)


Meh, this cycle felt forced.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (2/8/2010 7:34:08 PM)


Red still falls short of the critical threshold of counterspells to make a 'draw go' deck. Unitl a time where one can assemble such a thing, Molten Influence is pretty much useless.

Once someone can make a red permission deck, Molten Influence will still be a bad card, though. The opponent will always opt to take the damage until it would kill them. Control decks don't put pressure on an opponent's life total until they are ready to tackle the whole amount with a single creature or combo -- they don't piece together twenty damage opportunisitically. Therefore, Molten Influence will never work in a way that's beneficial to it's caster.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/12/2011 3:21:38 PM)


it's either 4 damage for 1Red or a red counterspell. a RED counterspell, why isnt this not at 4+ stars for giving mono-color red some lolz?
Posted By: BlackAlbino (7/26/2011 11:05:47 AM)