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I also think you best run this card along with the legendary Urza's Saga lands cycle which add one mana of a certain color for each specific type of permanent you control; being Serra's Sanctum, (Tolarian Academy - Vintage-only,) and Gaea's Cradle. Minamo also does a great job here by the way
Further cards you could use with the temple are Urza's Tower when using the Urzathrone, Cabal Coffers or maybe Cloudpost.
You could of course just use any special land that does something different than just producing mana, although most of the time since those abilities also require mana this will only be useful in lategame.
Aside from that, this card has a very amiable artwork in my opinion.
Posted By: Mode (10/15/2009 11:48:42 AM)


Reverse Rishadan Port?

Which isn't to say there aren't obvious synergies between the two :D
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (4/22/2011 3:58:35 PM)


Dawn's Reflection, Fertile ground, and Utopia Sprawl. Now if you can make 10 mana with one land, you can make 46 mana with 5. I utilize Twitch, cycled Esper Sojourners, and Reap and Sow to net me mana in the turn I cast them in this deck allowing me to Fireball the game to an end around turn 4 (because Comet Storm is too easy).
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (2/22/2011 7:59:09 AM)


An essential part of my mana base. 4 this, cloudpost, Glimmerpost, vesuva, and expedition map. So long as I can't afford the uber broken Candelabra of Tawnos, this is the best alternative.
Posted By: thisisnotmyname (4/3/2011 12:30:06 AM)


"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair."
Posted By: kazenpaus (4/17/2013 12:44:07 AM)


For one mana I can use my maze of ith AGAIN?! Niiiiiiiice.
Posted By: Tetsu_tora (4/2/2011 9:57:21 AM)


Even aside from the power usages with lands that tap for a lot of mana, this can solve some color problems for you, too. Just drew a White Knight but only have one Plains? Use this and another land to tap the Plains twice. Not earthshattering, but decent utility.
Posted By: sonorhC (10/21/2011 8:10:14 PM)


How is a one-shot, *free* (as in, Land) Candelabra of Tawnos not recognized as a gift from the Magic Gods?

I seriously cannot *believe* the disparity between this and Rishadan Port.
The latter is recognized as the amazing resource it is,
yet the Deserted Temple remains, well... deserted.

Any deck using a Tolarian Academy properly would benefit from 4 of these.
Ditto Gaea's Cradle and Serra's Sanctum.

Can also be used to double-dip with lands like Library of Alexandria, Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra's Workshop, etc.
Posted By: drpvfx (10/24/2011 12:29:46 AM)


Considering how many lands are there which produce more than one mana, this card is absolutely amazing.

As this were not enough, the artwork on this card is one of Rob Alexander's (which is equivalent to saying that is one of the best artworks in Magic)!
Posted By: Paolino (1/13/2012 12:01:06 AM)


3.8?! Taps for mana, has an ability and doesn't come into play tapped? Cabal Coffers, Maze of Ith, Gaea's Cradle, Bazaar of Baghdad and combine with Rings of Brightearth + broken mana land and you have an infinite combo (im pretty sure i discovered that, my first combo)

5/5. Lands that can do stuff are amazing lands that do silly things are just...3.8 really? reALLY?
Posted By: myblackplague (2/4/2012 2:35:14 AM)


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