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Useful in Dredge, but only because one cannot run 7 copies of City of Brass. Grand Coliseum comes into play tapped which for Dredge is a whole turn wasted; three damage is worth it if it means killing your opponent one turn sooner (i.e., winning).
Posted By: HolyCause (6/28/2011 8:27:29 AM)


Grand Coliseum comes into play tapped. City of Brass always deals damage to you when you tap it, even if all you need is colorless mana. This card allows you to get the color you need, when you need it, and then, when all you need to do is pay the colorless costs of cards, it won't damage you anymore.
Posted By: Nagoragama (6/13/2011 7:00:56 PM)


Depends on how much that punch hurts, KarmasPayment.
Unless you're going to need this land only a very view times, i advise playing City of Bráss instead.
And if you're even going to need that mana of any color only a single time, use Tendo Ice Bridge instead.

Or you could, although likely not with sensible results, try to redirect the damage by using cards like Harm's Way, Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo, Pariah, or similar choices...
Posted By: Mode (12/13/2009 2:35:51 PM)


I gave this 3.5/5 for a reason.
People are comparing this to City of Brass, which is fine. Overall Brass is more efficient if you're not trying to kill yourself as fast for colored mana.

However, keep in mind that at the worst case scenario other than outright killing yourself, you can still tap this for 1 colorless, and this land doesn't enter the battlefield tapped.

All of that aside, players have to recognize this land as a combo land. Obviously you're not going to play this over City of Brass for straight up color use. This is the only land that will give you optional painfree mana when you don't want to hurt yourself, yet can deal 3 damage to you when you WANT it to. Yes Tamanoa works okay if you combo in lifegain triggers, but currently as mentioned previously it's all about Darien, King of Kjeldor.

No other land will easily deal 3 damage to yourself while giving yourself any color mana. That's 3 1/1 soldier... (see all)
Posted By: Evil_Tactics (4/16/2012 2:19:46 AM)


I want to try this card with Purity for added laughs.
Posted By: Kagatob (8/14/2011 12:53:10 AM)


Put this in your Darien, King of Kjeldor deck! Three 1/1 Soldier tokens at instant speed, and you get a colored mana?
Posted By: Etsap (7/13/2011 11:35:16 AM)


Tamanoa, my friends. Tamanoa.
Posted By: MalleusAetis (12/17/2009 12:10:18 AM)


City of Brass kicks this card's ass.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (12/29/2009 9:19:00 PM)


Could be worse....but not by much.
Posted By: Callipsa (10/20/2009 6:54:52 PM)


A rare land that hurts. A lot.
Posted By: holgir (8/4/2009 5:38:57 AM)


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